Randy and Jennifer Sullivan to Kyle Townsend and Zach Fennell, 2233 W Mt. Vernon Rd., Bethpage, $375,000.

Castalian Springs

Kristin Intress and Patrick Steffen to Craig and Robin Adams, 762 Rock Springs Rd., Castalian Springs, $291,954.


Darryl Hartley to Coy and Layne Schreiner, 10 Awesome Ave., Cottontown, $629,000.

Matthew Fournier to Kerri Hodde, 0 Garrison Branch Rd., Lots 9 & 10, Cottontown, $120,000.

Randall and Jimmy Rodgers to Ray and Leellen Corlew, 2873 Hwy 25, Cottontown, $208,000.


Jeremy and Tammy Mahaffey to Bernard and Mireya Haneke, 144 Branham Mill Rd., Gallatin, $565,000.

Aaron Vance to Sisouphanh Thongmanivong and Sira An, 1513 Orleans Court East, Gallatin, $292,000.

Michael Kopczynski to Fred and Linda Knox, 939 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin, $1,350,000.

Marc Wood to Alethia Perry, 348 East Eastland St., Gallatin, $296,500.

Robert Taylor to David and Jennifer Christian, 1015 Prestwick Ln., Gallatin, $420,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Leela Gorrepati, 3128 Lamond Dr., Gallatin, $306,990.

Creekside Homes LLC to Gregory Leroy and Donna Hanetho, 98 Mulberry Grove, Gallatin, $641,715.

Ginger Patterson and Glenn Nabors to Chris and Barbara Rogers, 117 Collinwood Dr., Gallatin, $520,000.

Louallen Builders Inc. to Jeffery and Misty Tomlinson, 335 Drivers Ln., Gallatin, $418,900.

Margaret and David Hollingsworth to Zillow Homes Prop Trusty, 1048 Paddock Park Cir. Lot 152, Gallatin, $401,001.

Caleb and Andrea Dunbar to Forest and Jeanine Robinson, 127 Stonegate Dr., Gallatin, $263,013.

Robin Martin to Phoenix Investment Real Est. LLC, 670 Ann Ave., Gallatin, $143,000.

Second Generation Construction Inc. to William and Laura Knox, 1705 Noah Ln., Gallatin, $750,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Ray and Stacy Bex, 1109 Warlander Way, Gallatin, $540,046.

Creekside Homes LLC to Kandace and Richard Martin, Jr., 100 Mulberry Grove, Gallatin, $738,650.

Paul and Jaime Grant, III to Sharron and Aubrey Brunson, 1091 Campbell Ave., Gallatin, $405,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Allan and Alessandra De Amorim, 412 Deveron Dr., Gallatin, $335,570.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Craig Chitwood, 410 Deveron Dr., Gallatin, $293,070.

KF Land Partners to Southeastern Building Corp., 1142Payton Ln., Gallatin, $95,000.

HCR Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 1010 Keeneland Pvt. Dr., Gallatin, $165,000.

Velvet and Avery Vaughn to Zillow Homes Prop Trust, 962 Westbrook Dr., Gallatin, $534,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Tracy Sons, 406 Deveron Dr., Gallatin, $304,890.

Zillow Homes Property Trust to Alexander Skinner and Megan McDaniel, 1205 Lake Rise Pl., Gallatin, $540,000.

Mark and Kelley Morris to 14 Day Realty LLC, 209 West Bledsoe St., Gallatin, $165,000.

Christopher and Jamie Rosasco to Michael Stephens, 203 North Westland Ave., Gallatin, $155,000.

Glenn and Nancy Miller to Kyle Townsend and Zach Fennell, 238 Santa Monica Blvd., Gallatin, $110,000.

14 Day Realty LLC to AVRM 5 LLC, 209 West Bledsoe St., Gallatin, $185,000.

Opendoor Prop J LLC to Shane and Chelsea Nixon, 275 Claremont Ct., Gallatin, $327,500.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Kimberly and Jeremy Johnson, 3224 Chaucer Ln., Gallatin, $379,662.

David and Alicia Lange to Jeffrey Ralph, 756 Nelms Dr., Gallatin, $549,900.

William and Kary Davis to Rufus Properties LLC, 1152 Callaway Dr., Gallatin, $445,000.

Equity Trust Co. to SFR JV-1Property LLC, 326 Osprey Dr., Gallatin, $347,900.


Charles and Melissa Wheeler to James and Beverly Kruse, 1013 Calebs Walk, Goodlettsville, $999,950.


David Michael Hohlfeld, Trustee of the MPH Irrevocable Trust to Scott and Cory Bedtke, 109 La Sabre Dr., Hendersonville, $389,900.

Kerry and Robert Hayes Trustees of the Kerry L. Hayes Revocable Trust to James Burchell and Benjamin Magee, 132 Chippendale Dr., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Aaron and Donna Jewell to Christopher Ehrlich and Colleen Farrell, 150 East Harbor, Hendersonville, $399,000.

Dan and Nina Lapuste to Valerie Greer, 100 Paxton Dr., Hendersonville, $335,000.

Terrace and Deandrea Nash to Carl and Sandra Bergquist, 102 Elmsford Ct., Hendersonville, $470,300.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Esther and Jeffrey Maclyman, 639 Nottingham Ave., Hendersonville, $455,855.

Breckenridge Property Fund 2016 LLC to Rachael Herschberger, 1121 Park St., Hendersonville, $150,000.

Aaron and Elisabeth Baker to Randall and Keri Kaune, 947 Orchid Pl., Hendersonville, $580,000.

Tom and Patricia Paulsen to Zillow Homes Property Trust, 108 Waterview Dr., Hendersonville, $225,232.

Brandon McNickle to Melissa Hernandez, 107 Spruce Dr., Hendersonville, $260,000.

Craig and Andrea Turner to Gary and Marie English, 1052 Gadwall Cir., Hendersonville, $765,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Liwei Ding and Li Ma, 6042 Ivory Ln., Hendersonville, $297,748.

Stephen Barrios and Amy Jordan to W. William and Charlotte Duerksen Trustee of the Duerksen Family Trust, 2006 French Bayou Ln., Hendersonville, $378,000.

Brian Kassinger to E. William and Charlotte Duerksen, Trustees of the Duerksen Family Trust, 730 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $445,000.

Doyle Primm, Devisee under the Last will and Testament of Sybil Carden to Michael and Jennifer Finlin, 130 Fairways Dr., Hendersonville, $515,000.

Gloria Haselton to ARVM 5 LLC, 131 Agee Cir E, Hendersonville, $303,900.

Gregory and Joanna Gronemeier to Louis and Jay Jackson, 135 Blue Ridge Trace, Hendersonville, $857,500.

Antonio and Christine Morton to Sky Wide LLC, 127 Deer Ridge Ln., Hendersonville, $380,100.

Scott and Debra Johnson to Lauren Snowden, 147 Saddle Dr., Hendersonville, $410,000.

Richard and Kandace Martin to Jeremy and Brooke Allen, 131 Camp Creek Cir., Hendersonville, $415,000.

Tonya Derrick to Michael and Shannon Nettle, 103 Shorecrest Cir., Hendersonville, $627,000.

Michael and Jennifer Tatum to Brandon and John Clark, 108 Lombardi Pl., Hendersonville, $484,900.

Jeffrey Ralph to William and Danielle Stanley, 1048 Avery Trace Cir., Hendersonville, $619,000.

Rebecca Hughes, Trustee of the Rebecca Jane Hughes Revocable Living Trust to Mark and Deitra Dorko, 105 Chippendale Dr., Hendersonville, $275,000.

Pulte Homes Tennessee Limited Partnership to Salvador and Martha Lopez, 465 Norman Way, Hendersonville, $555,627.16.

James Carmack to Nathan Mantor, 111 Hillwood Ct., Hendersonville, $225,000.

Justine C. Wilbanks, Executor and Eric Wayne Iler, Devisee and Jeffery Glen Iler AKA Jeffery G. Iler Devisee of Estate of Peggy Sue Iler to Shawn and Elana Bickel, 103 Masters Way, Hendersonville, $395,000.

Erica and Calvin Ho to Ashley Hastings and Andrew Tandon, 119 Audubon Ln., Hendersonville, $465,900.

Chad and Sherry Hutton to Erica and Calvin Ho, 117 Pilot Knob Ln., Hendersonville, $520,000.

Dale and Kelly Powell, Jr. to Chelsea and John Macwilliam, 100 Ash Ct., Hendersonville, $430,000.

Christine Smolinski to Salim Alsaffar, 144 Walton Trace South, Hendersonville, $406,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Denise Ward, 256 Crooked Creek Ln., Hendersonville, $449,085.

Daniel and Rachel Meadows to Jennifer and Timothy Alliss, 117 Leola Dr., Hendersonville, $344,000.


Jamie Petty-Lea and Nate Lea to David Bishop, 144 W Roberts Rd., Portland, $283,000.

Jacob and Morgan Lamberth to Marla Boles, 1043 Founders Ln., Portland, $400,000.

Robert and Jennifer Hanson, II and Houston Greggs, 1474 A B Wade Rd., Portland, $341,000.

Cynthia Howard to Eric and Tammy Peterson, 1018 Phillip Dr., Portland, $160,000.

Opendoor Property Trust I to Cindy Manzanares, 1006 Saul Drive South, Portland, $240,000.

Jeremy and Brooke Luna to Robert Helson, 302 Hunter St., Portland, $220,000.

Adam and Beth Burkhart to Kaleena Moore, 209 Bonnie Dr., Portland, $198,900.

Rieble and Irene Dickens to Coates Construction Inc., 323 Corinth Rd., Portland $67,500.


Christopher and Mignon Pillows to Larry Tobey, 205 East Garretts Creek Rd., Westmoreland, $300,000.

Stephen and Sharon Morris to Helen Powers, 262 East Garretts Creek Rd., Westmoreland, $119,000.

White House

Jenna Maher to Eric and Chelsea Gutierrez, 1723 Winding Way Dr., White House, $299,900.

Michael McCumber to John Childress and Melinda Savage, 104 Hillwood Dr., White House, $191,000.

Jonathan and Amy Ronning to Kendra Martin, 128 Telavera Dr., White House, $369,900.

Mike Price to Robert and Kristen Siske, 135 S Palmers Chapel Rd., White House, $313,000.

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