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As children and young adults, our Christmas lists are long and full of meaningless “things” that we believe will enrich our lives. Approaching middle and later years of age, our lists become shorter and hold much more value along with things that cannot be bought in a store. 

Undoubtedly, the 2020 holiday season will be different from any other year. For many people, the holidays can be stressful in even the best of…

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A few years back, bestselling author John Grisham published a book titled “Skipping Christmas”. It is a delightful story about a family, the Kranks, who decide to skip Christmas all together — no Christmas tree, no holiday parties, no presents.

Sherrie Ferguson invites guests to have some refreshments at the recent Portland Chamber of Commerce holiday open house. From the left - Janet…

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Another November is here. When I consider November, many thoughts come to mind. First, is the Thanksgiving holiday, then a myriad of sights and sounds and feelings and favorite things – pumpkins, falling leaves, fields of bleached corn stalks, a bite to the air and tobacco – stripping tobacco, throwing down tobacco, hauling off tobacco and selling tobacco.

It is no secret that the holiday season can be a stressful time. With family gatherings, office parties, gift exchanges, and other demands on …