Zachary Stuckey and Tessa McKinnon to Amy Bowers, 597 Womack Rd., Bethpage, $220,000.


Bonnie and Richard Fuhr to Jerry and Teresa Reed, 2548 Hwy 25, Cottontown, $299,900.

Thomas and Sandra Cherry to Ashley Dirks, 241 Jocelyn Dr., Cottontown, $329,900.


Teddy and Debra Roberts to Catherine O’Malley, 151 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $284,900.

Austin Jordan to Mark Maturo, 1056 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, $245,000.

Blackman Homes Inc. to Mitchell Bryans, 163 Spencer Springs, Gallatin, $387,000.

Justin and Jackie Thomas to JD Norman, IV, 919 Johnson St., Gallatin, $212,000.

Second Generation Construction Inc. to Brittany Morris and Donald Durland, 147 Enoch Way, Gallatin, $399,950.

Barbara L. Coates Revocable Trust Agreement to Gregory and Jennifer Dunsford, 416 Wadebrook Dr., Gallatin, $271,500.

Mourad Taki to Steve Praseuth, 304 West Schell St., Gallatin, $185,000.

Randy and Joyce Coleman to Michael and Kimberley Miron, 2109 Rodman Blvd., Gallatin, $450,000.

SDH Nashville LLC to Michelle Berry, 4016 Keeley Dr., Gallatin, $248,055.

NVR Inc and Ryan Homes to Brooklin and Cody Hawkins, 233 Grassy Glen Dr., Gallatin, $386,140.

Opendoor Property Trust to Raul Coronado, 231 Whitestone Ln., Gallatin, $404,000.

Sal Dibenedetto to Murphy Capital LLC, 211 West Main St., Gallatin, $225,000.

Gwenn Henth to Louis Resha, Jr. and Gwenn Resha as Co-Trustees of the Resha Revocable Trust, 1214 Churchill Dr., Gallatin, $334,290.18.

Kevin and Alee Farris to Derek and Kelsey Stewart, 811 Harden St., Gallatin, $315,000.

Richard and Kelsie Hargrove to Jefferson Thomas and Naomi Suddarth, 1307 Wentworth Dr., Gallatin, $274,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Clayton and Minnie Wade, 1042 Paddock Park Cir., Gallatin, $294,000.

Davidson Homes LLC to Jonathan and Rachel Lewyckyj, 283 Griffin Ln., Gallatin, $366,850.

NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Melanie and Michael Walker, 408 Rosy Dale Dr., Gallatin, $360,940.

John and Emily Wroblewski to James and Shelley Parks, 240 Preston Ln., Gallatin, $314,900.

HCR Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 151 Compton St., Gallatin, $95,000.

Laverne and Edith Tripp to Debra Braun, Trustee of the Debra Tuggle Braun Living Trust, 403 Tapestry Pl #202, Gallatin, $180,500.

John and Donna Sainato to Adalberto Discua, 934 Blue Jay Way, Gallatin, $540,000.

Donald and Veronica Williams to David and Cathy Arlen, 231 Chipaway Dr., Gallatin, $382,000.


Christopher Jones and George Jennings to Zachary Kline and Chelsea Rooker, 1018 Cartwright Cir., Goodlettsville, $274,563.

Catherine O’Malley to Kia and Broderick Churchwell, 107 Willow Crest Ct., Goodlettsville, $310,500.

Caleb and Lydia Hobgood to Montine Eidson, 400 Grace Dr., Goodlettsville, $265,900.

Raja Properties LLC to Jose and Susy Pineda, 1001 Heather Dr., Goodlettsville, $213,000.

Shijie Shi and Mo Liang to Sarah Hollins, 133 Wynlands Cir.,Goodlettsville, $398,000.


Weekley Homes LLC to Mel McCullough and Kristine Breaux-McCullough, 107 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $358,740.

Theophilus and Margaret Smith to Robert and Lauren Geery, 144 Lake Terrace Dr., Hendersonville, $312,000.

Robert and Lauren Geery to Theophilus and Margaret Smith, 168 Berrywood Dr., Hendersonville, $312,000.

Kevin and Michelle Travis to Michael Fitzgerald, 1072 Dorset Dr., Hendersonville, $575,000.

Glenda Gregory to Shirish and Siddhi Upadhayay, 1102 Newmans Trail, Hendersonville, $326,000.

Derek and Anita Towe to Tri and Tien Nguyen, 112 Revere Park, Hendersonville, $635,000

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Ruban Narayanan, 369 Carriage House Ln., Hendersonville, $279,990.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to John and Angela Christie, Jr., 591 Lingering Way, Hendersonville, $432,240.

James and Giselle McMurray to Adafel Villasmil and Yolimar Diaz, 173 Edgewood Dr., Hendersonville, $153,000.

Amy and Michael Stokes to Michael Murphy, 117 Coarsey Blvd., Hendersonville, $232,000.

Merrol and Beverly Hyde to Mark Hyde and Shannon Summer, 103 Rebecca Dr., Hendersonville, $140,000.

Matthew and Natalie Martin to Jack and Pamela Greene and Amy Heath, 400 Sanders Ferry Rd., Hendersonville, $199,000.

Michael and Kristen Porter to Wade and Tina Johnson, 77 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $337,000.

Jeremy Enders to Shane Hinman, 112 Lakeside Park Court, Hendersonville, $223,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Daren and Claudia Smith, 708 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $419,950.

Creekside Homes LLC to Dennis and Mary Meyer, 151 Circle Dr., Hendersonville, $478,240.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Luke Beeton, 1601 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $375,690.

RAJA Properties LLC to TBH Properties LLC, 5213-5217 Austin Peay Hwy, Westmoreland and 136 Luna Ln., Hendersonville, $635,000.

Sara and Jeffery Keyes to Thomas and Brenda Jesse, 121 Hillsdale Dr., Hendersonville, $236,000.

Jean A. Hudson, Trustee of the Jean A. Hudson Revocable Trust to Craig and Andrea Dillinger, 131 Southern Trace, Hendersonville, $220,000.

Aimee and Greg Elmore to Alice Hodges, 111 Lynn Dr., Hendersonville, $190,000.

Ellen Harper to Travis and Cherie Shannon, 230 Riverwood Dr., Hendersonville, $239,900.

Melba Roberts to CVG Properties LLC, 206 Shivel Dr., Hendersonville, $150,000.

WC Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp, 199 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $75,000.

Stephen and Evelyn Botts to Philip and Ericka Withers, 1763 Saundersville Rd., Hendersonville, $595,000.


John and Carol Hamilton to Sal Dibenedetto, 112 Main St., Portland, $115,000.

Steve Somerville to Jeffrey Hanton, 142 Beaver Creek Dr., Portland, $210,000.

Donna and David Lauter to Diane McBride, 111 Mesa Dr., Portland, $274,900.

Marvin and Margret Breeze, Jr. to Joyce Gregory and Tracey Brinson, 578 Cook Rd., Portland, $212,500.

Regina Shucher to Brenda Thompson, 413 Glen Haven Dr., Portland, $164,900.

Matthew and Aimee Phillips to Jonathan and Lindsey Roberts, 124 Westland St., Portland, $193,000.


Robert Towe to Gregory and Carey Williams, 5668 31 E Hwy, Westmoreland, $393,200.

David Williams Trustee of the Malex 401K Trust and Amanda Prichard to Olive Carrick, 2218 Rose St., Westmoreland, $126,900.

Rehab LLC to Steven and Wendy Saengsavang, 100 Jollie Ln., Westmoreland, $177,900.

White House

Kenneth and Ivy Bates to Jared Osborne, 216 Fischer Dr., White House, $179,900.

Sadie Chapman and Danny Slone to Richard Suiter, 319 College St., White House, $150,000.

Christopher and Adrienne McDonald to Brian and Ashley Brown, 1004 Wilderness Way, White House, $573,000.

Tenn Properties Palmers Crossing Gp to Drees Premier Homes Inc., Lots 103, 104, 110, 114, The Reserve at Palmers Crossing, White House, $278,000.

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