Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. to Jamie Chittenden and Beverly Kersnick, 380 Mount Vernon Rd., Bethpage, $159,400.


Ralph Zachgo, Jr. to Judy Hand, 153 New Deal Potts Rd., Cottontown, $134,900.


Clayton and Macy Anderson to Michael and Courtni Curran, Jr., 811 Mesa Verde Pl., Gallatin, $254,000.

Kathryn and Derrick Truitt to Brad and Amy Bowen, 1499 Foxland Blvd., Gallatin, $510,000.

Hannah and Christopher Wilson to Tenna Casper, 415 Lucy Cir., Gallatin, $264,900.

Thomas Bradley to Carolyn and Charles Smith, 131 McDavid St., Gallatin, $70,000.

Jerome Kaczmarek to Cheorghe Cheletca, 170 Avalon Dr., Gallatin, $268,000.

Kevin Jacquier and Evelyn Jacquier Trustees of the Revocable Living Trust of Kevin W. Jacquier and Evelyn M. Jacquier to Platinum Investment Group LLC, 1122 Dickerson Bay Dr., Gallatin, $430,000.

Gerald and June Montoya to Kelly Donley and John Burch, 1035 Harness Cir., Gallatin, $325,000.

Frank Batson Homes Inc. to Joon Lee, 111 Sundown Cir., Gallatin, $498,498.

Jacquline West and Tonya Vaughn and subject to the life estate interest of Carolyn R. Anderson to Music City Financial LLC, 840 Craig St., Gallatin, $84,900.

Opendoor Property J LLC to Katelyn and Robert Sharp, 437 Hancock St., Gallatin, $229,000.

George Howes to David and Ann Wyllie, 7105 Westland Ave., Gallatin, $155,000.

Gena Ryckeley Trustee of the Charles E. & Gena L. Ryckeley Revocable Living Trust to Richard and Kaycee George, 204 Osprey Dr., Gallatin, $259,000.

Music City Financial LLC to Michael and Judityn Hader, 840 Craig St., Gallatin, $109,900.

Jeffrey Stolar to Lauren Peach, 461 Remington Ave., Gallatin, $252,000.

Opendoor Property C LLC to George Howes, 520 Callie Ave., Gallatin, 4292,000.

Jared and Jennifer Reasonover to Mark Dreyer, 161 Summerlin Ave., Gallatin, $285,900.

Austin and Rebecca McCurry to James and Martha Phillips, 619 Lilycrest Dr., Gallatin, $275,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to David and Courtney Latham, 1059 Fenner Ln., Gallatin, $386,990.

Robert Olari and Susan Olari Trustees of the Robert & Susan Olari Family Living Trust, 1107 Pruitt LN., Gallatin, $300,000.

Michael Swift to Noah and Keagan Shouse, 186 Putter Point Dr., Gallatin, $254,000.

O’Dell Equipment & Supply Inc. to O’Dell Holdings LLC, 1172 Langwood Dr., Gallatin, $163,500.

Michael West Jr., Trustee of the Gina L. Hobock Irrevocable Trust to John Waits and Autumn Roley, 234 Carrellton Dr., Gallatin, $372,000.

Kenneth Forrester to Gregory Stewart and Chelsea Thomas, 1393 Stone Creek Dr., Gallatin, $265,000.

Marie and David Mitchell to Raland and Ellen Degelau, 1042 Woodmont Dr., Gallatin, $252,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Sean Dillon, 190 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $270,000.

Kenneth and Scarlett Hohmeier to Kelsey Coffman, 102 Compton St., Gallatin, $382,000.

John and Kimberly Rowland to Janet Simmons, 395 Devon Chase Hill #4602, Gallatin, $230,000.

Michael Barnes to Murph 3 Assets LLC, 210 Santa Monica Blvd., Gallatin, $179,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Rickie and Debra Chastain, 130 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $368,105.

John and Susan Hawkins to Donnie Vandiver, 215 Chipaway Dr., Gallatin, $680,000.

Kenneth and Andrea Corbitt to Lytonio and Mikeesha Winston, 1701 Andy Jackson Trail, Gallatin, $359,000.

Leonard Ballou to Chares and Marcella Moore, Jr., 101 Nogs Garden, Gallatin, $639,950.

Paul and Linda Shoulders to Juan and Reina Calderon, 116 Jones St., Gallatin, $98,000.

Foxland Harbor Condos LLC to John and Charlotte Houseshell, 1024 Club View DR. E303, Gallatin, $643,306.15.

Melissa D. Lejsek Trustee of the David O. Briley Irrevocable Trust to Sue Graves, 800 South Browns Ln.,  D4, Gallatin, $214,900.

Pat A. Tinnell Executrix of the Estate of Dorothy Joy McKinney and Donald R. McKinney and Pat Tinnell to George and Linda Miller, 295 Devon Chase Hill #2901, Gallatin, $237,900.

Foxland Harbor Condos LLC to Andee Barnett, 1024 Club View Dr. #E302, Gallatin, $399,000.

Kory Stover to Kelly Kennedy, 231 Wildcat Run, Gallatin, $266,500.

Michael and Catherina Lee to Donte and Kuiana Cleaves, 892 Fairington Way, Gallatin, $685,900.

Nettie Binkley, Lillie Sullivan, Veronica Calderon, Navie Brinkley, Clay Brinkley, Nancy Woods, Angie Eutsey, Angela Brinkley, Lemandez Brinkley, Willard Brinkley, Jr., Mekisha Brinkley, Olympia Clark, Kia Alexander to Sheri Noble, 650 N Water Ave., Gallatin, $50,000.

Anna Vanhooser to William Foster, 825 South Browns Ln #1204, Gallatin, $277,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Benjamin Buchanan, 150 Cape Private Cir., Gallatin, $344,990.


Jonathan and Jenna Rummel to Carter Howard, 412 Chickaway Trail, Goodlettsville, $390,000.

James and Sandra Wilkins to Ronald Kerere, Jr., 2022 Crencor Dr., Goodlettsville, $460,000.

Debbie Greer to Matthew and Megan Jankiewicz, 113 Braxton Park Ln., Goodlettsville, $295,000.

Ivana Beita to John Skinner and Kimberly Collins, 1103 Jackson Heights Rd., Goodlettsville, $195,000.

Charles and Brenda Sneed to Ana Torres and Jose Coreas, 110 Fisher St., Goodlettsville, $196,000

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Corey and Jeffrey Laidig, 405 Old Stone Rd., Goodlettsville, $412,618.


Southeastern Building Corp to Patrick and Theresa Wilhelm, 103 Ackerman Way, Hendersonville, $379,900.

Lynn Schoenheit to Yamasa Co. Ltd., 116 Deer Ridge Ln., Hendersonville, $219,500.

Jason Jones to Ernest Spiess, 250 Sanders Ferry Rd. #41, Hendersonville, $123,000.

Opendoor Property C LLC to Amy and David Vlcek, 105 Buckhaven Ct., Hendersonville, $288,750.

Alexis Bernard to Caroline and Paul Beretta, 297 Donna Dr., #D, Hendersonville, $140,000.

Richard Elliott and Carolyn Vance, 129 Cherry Hill Dr. #120, Hendersonville, $130,000.

Matthew and Mary Curl to Samuel and Carrigan Pate, 302 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $275,000.

Pulte Homes Tennessee to Dennis and Deidra Thoams, 413 Norman Way, Hendersonville, $402,951.

Priscilla Voeks & Walter Voeks of the Priscilla & Walter Voeks Family Trust to Charles and Jennifer Lux, 1120 Stirlingshire Dr., Hendersonville, $450,000.

Kevin and Sada MacWilliams to Jared and Alisa Natsis, 104 Elissa Dr., Hendersonville, $275,000.

Troy and Terri Watkins to Anthony and Autumn Hurt, 1037 Brixton Blvd., Hendersonville, $380,000.

Emily and Jesus Solis to Juan and Lisa Quintana, 107 Valcour Ct., Hendersonville, $331,000.

Capitol Homes Inc. to Matthew and Amber Wyenandt and Raymond and Rebecca Wyenandt, 117 Manor Way, Hendersonville, $475,878.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Nick Bubash, Jr., 1579 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $364,990.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to John and Sylvia Stumpfig, 261 Tanglewood Ln., Hendersonville, $366,390.

Opendoor Property D LLC to Anthony and Diane Matel,104 La Bar Dr., Hendersonville, $221,000.

Teresa Dodson and Sarah Butler to Lisa Pyles, 200 Sanders Ferry Rd. #112, Hendersonville, $185,000.

Jack and Cheryl Willis to Nathan and Leah Colston, 154 Shadowhaven Way North, Hendersonville, $340,900.

Scott and Janet Mueller to William McLendon, Julie McLendon and Jack Sofield, 1214 Spearpoint Dr., Hendersonville, $425,000.

Reginald and Andretta Reed to Walter Holloway, 1010 Brixton Blvd., Hendersonville, $369,900.

Robyn Boateng to Mary Head, 137 Shivel Dr., Hendersonville, $197,000.

Arti Inc. to Waise Properties LLC, 179 W Main St., Hendersonville, $1,475,001.

Janet Simmons to Scott and Ashley Domescik, 1216 Anderson Rd., Hendersonville, $379,900.

Jerry and Patricia Buchanan to John and Molly Murphy, 126 Buckhaven Dr., Hendersonville, $365,000.

Christofer Bird to John and Rodica Tipel, 126 Robinhood Cir., Hendersonville, $181,000.

River Oaks Gp to Khalik Investment LLC, 791-807 West Main St., Hendersonville, $1,600,000.

John and Sabine Burns to Kelley Huffman, 129 Stillhouse Rd., Hendersonville, $295,000.

Paul Oursler to Todd Sandefur, 132 Dalton Cir., Hendersonville, $393,900.

Eric Van Der Linden and Eliana Cervino to Warren and Jamie McKenzie, 133 N Country Club Dr., Hendersonville, $525,000.

JW and Heather Downey to Swati Smith and John Baugher, 1050 Somerset Downs Blvd., Hendersonville, $537,000.

Ryan Daugherty and Sabin Ewing to Andrew and Brenda Wolff, 121 Woodvale Dr., Hendersonville, $356,000.

June Harrison to Julie McDaniel, 131 Rice Rd., Hendersonville, $175,000.

Gary Herzberg to Mona Low and Terrance Sheltra, 114 Walnut Dr., Hendersonville, $1,250,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jacqueline Robinson, 437 Abington Dr., Hendersonville, $337,990.

Donald and Lisa Fetzer to Leigh Siegfried and Peyman Rajai, 107 Twin Oaks Ct., Hendersonville, $250,000.

Mary Birthright to Demetrias Binkley, 289 Lakeside Park Dr., Hendersonville, $308,000.

Carolyn Markee to Teresa Dodson and Sarah Butler, 200 Sanders Ferry Rd. #1101, Hendersonville, $185,000.

Lois Head to Barbara Case, 115 Haddaway Dr., Hendersonville, $267,300.

Lytonio and Mikeesha Winston to Michael and Kristen Porter, 1003 Atchley Ct., Hendersonville, $539,900.

M & K Holdings LLC to Alexander Ralston, 320 Coronado Private Cir., Hendersonville, $255,000.

Alexander and Kali Mork to William and Caitlin Sadler, 117 Ropers Ct., Hendersonville, $284,000.

Dan and Kathy Breckenridge to Donald and Linda Riddle, 250 Donna Dr. #D10, Hendersonville, $120,000.

Atom Knaak to Lauren Lawton and Christopher Ellis, 210 Elnora Ct., Hendersonville, $285,000.

Star Homes LLC to Micheline Edgar, 105 Forest View Dr., Hendersonville, $220,000.

Don and Jennifer McCay, II to Jeffrey and Patricia Wagoner, 1006 Harmony Ln., Hendersonville, $347,500.

Star Homes LLC to Tiffany and Christopher Rhine, 103 Linda Dr., Hendersonville, $249,900.

Scott and Ashley Domescik to Amanda and Jonathan Avent, 1008 Westbank Dr., Hendersonville, $345,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Logan Martin, 337 Lakeside Park Dr., Hendersonville, $255,247.

Rpbom amd <arl Swammer tp Latoe Gi[tpm. 254 Iros Dr., Hendersonville, $189,000.

George and Karen Holmes to Andrew Joyce, 132 Glenn Hill Dr., Hendersonville, $307,000.

Jennifer Tate to Linda Bassani, 321 Deer Point Dr., Hendersonville, $189,999.


Michael McCloud to Anthony and Donya Rada, 114 Elise Ln, Portland, $286,000

Cheryl Gregory to William E. Whitmer Revocable Trust, 102 Drakewood Dr., Portland, $200,000.

Starla Schoenmann to Victoria and Garrett Crites, 116 Nikita Dr., Portland, $169,900.

Fred Howell to Joshua and Natasha Fields, 200 Westland St., Portland, $182,000.

William Jones and Pamela Mathias-Jones to Daniel Vanatta, 122 Beaver Creek Dr., Portland, $246,500.

Robert and Lora Bell to Linda Avent, 1200 Hollis Chapel Rd., Portland, $342,500.

Steve and Nancy Brooks to Thaddeus and Kassy Kowalski, II, 113 Heritage Dr., Portland, $429,900.

Brenda Stout to Nicholas and Samantha Newbern, 365 Martin Rd., Portland, $286,400.


S & A Investments Inc. to Kristie Peach and Thomas Harrison, 1221 Poplar Rd., Westmoreland, $172,000.

Debra Murphy to John Cook, 3116 Summer Dr., Westmoreland, $177,000.

James Rippy, Scott Rippy, Jr. and Mike Williams to Cody and Makayla McCloud, 1288 Mount Olive Rd., Westmoreland, $199,000.

White House

Forward Motion Properties LLC to David Brewington and Brittany Love, 1430 Winding Way Dr., White House, $255,900.

Austin & Leah Clinard to Ashley Short and Willia McCormick, 1121 Stillhouse Rd., White House, $265,000.

Derek and Amanda Keeler to Zachary Scott and Morgan Memsen, 106 Timberwood Ct., White House, $256,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Ladd and Shirley Bennett, 304 Landons Cir., White House, $261,306.

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