C. Ronald and Linda Lux to Michael and Amy Sparks, 95 Old Hwy 31 E, Bethpage, $625,000.

TRT Properties LLC to Jennifer Smith, 2326 West Mount Vernon Rd., Bethpage, $145,000.

Castalian Springs

Andrew and Brittany Holliday to Kevin and Lisa Bell, 1004 Spire Way Dr., Castalian Springs, $233,500.


Tracey Craig to Wesley Jeffries, 1021 Somerville Dr., Cottontown, $244,900.

Bryan and Sharon McGee to Pamela Ingram, 184 Wilkinson Rd., Cottontown, $272,500.

Joane Siltman to Matthew and Michelle Owens, 300 Old Hwy 31 W, Cottontown, $237,000.

Stanley and Mary Johnson to Dan Connelly Construction LLC, 267 & 269 Aplin Branch Rd., Cottontown, $102,000.


Jon and Tami Belcher to Grayson Jensen, 2142 Gorden Xing, Gallatin, $455,000.

Louis and Janice Fortenberry to Jeremy and Nicole Johnson, 1021 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $392,500.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Taylor Lees, 1065 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $235,000.

Eric Haines and Bryce St Clair to Melissa Heath and Donna Gardner, 109 Bates Ave., Gallatin, $170,000.

Michael and Joann Wolak to Neal and Catherine Schuster, 104 Jasmine Ct., Gallatin, $579,000.

Keith and Cathy Young to Charles and Judy Young, 210 Woodlake, Gallatin, $849,900.

William and Kristie Shreffler to Ory and Lisa Brochet, 112 Drayton Downs, Gallatin, $477,000.

Eastland Construction Inc. to Krzysztof Strzemkowski, 133 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $544,900.

Bell & Brown Properties LLC to TN Real Estate Now LLC, 216 Brown Place and 228 College St., Gallatin, $335,000.

Katie Johnson to TNT Home Byers LLC, 1141 Peninsula Dr., Gallatin, $163,000.

Foxland Harbor Condos LLC to Cliff Catlett, 1024 ClubView Dr. #F202, Gallatin, $379,800.

William Sons, Jr. to Oscar Castillo, 410 Hartford Cir., Gallatin, $225,000.

Charles and Deanne Sims to Loran Ausland, 1123 Thunder Rd., Gallatin, $220,000.

Krzysztof and Justyna Strzemkowski to Rori and Jeff Hintze, 417 Black Thorn Ln., Gallatin, $349,900.

Craig Rooks Executor of The Peggy L. Dorris Estate to Zachery Baker, 254 Osprey Dr., Gallatin, $270,000.

Robert and Susan Causton to Ricky Vaughn, II, Rhonda Vaughn, James Vaughn, 304 Wendling Blvd., Gallatin, $480,000.

Ransom Weatherman, III to John and Rachel Stagner, Jr., 315 Westminster Dr., Gallatin, $267,000.

Michelle and Lillie Godwin-Watts to Robert and Susan Causton, 1654 Noah Ln., Gallatin, $510,000.

Opendoor Property C LLC to Darrell and Meagan Spink, 805 Bauman Ct., Gallatin, $343,500.

Tami and Brian Gallo to Dakota and Greggory Jones, 322 Black Thorn Ln., Gallatin, $349,900.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Taylor and Steven Binkley, 1067 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $234,990.

Johnny and Jewel Maze to Richard Rodgers and Ashleigh Martin, 286 Sherry Cir., Gallatin, $200,000.

Jason and Kristie Duncan to Grayling Lawson, 1059 Greenwood Ct., Gallatin, $375,000.

David and Whitney Headley to Timothy and Kathy Taylor, 191 Avalon Dr., Gallatin, $255,000.

Clifton and Daphne Potter to Michael and Nancy Mayszak, 1095 Vinings Blvd., Gallatin, $455,000.

Peter Kirk to Pamela and Victoria Linden, 270 Remington Ave., Gallatin, $305,000.

Yolanda and Kelly Martinez to Safe Oak LLC, 1017 Cairo Rd., Gallatin, $245,000.

Raymond and Carol Horky to Henry Enterprises LLC, 1005 Grider Dr., Gallatin, $350,000.

Carol and Mike Incorvaia to Chip and Christina Englander, 1559 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $578,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Nicole Young, 1063 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $231,990.


Carol Boyd to Eric and Kayla Perez, 107 South Wynridge Way, Goodlettsville, $355,000.

Zachary Paul Young Individually and Zachary Paul Young Executor of the David Ray Young Estate to Linda Felts, 100 Placid Groves Ln. #1805, Goodlettsville, $310,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Robert Franklin, Jr., 491 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $347,990.


Baywood Pointe Partnership to Cages Bend Land Co., 120 & 128 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $155,694.98.

Micah and Anna Garman to Trenton and Chelsea Pierson, 136 Gatone Dr., Hendersonville, $257,500.

Charles Parks to William Herrell and Arduino Cacciotti, 115 Jennings Dr., Hendersonville, $170,000.

Johnnie and Patricia Cooper to Tonja Jennings, 180 Chesapeake Harbor Blvd., Hendersonville, $320,000.

Loren and Catherine Crandall to Jeremy and Sarah Perger, 119 Arrowhead Dr., Hendersonville, $480,000.

Pauletta Goodwin to Ron and Ashley Harris, 106 Colonial Dr., Hendersonville, $145,000.

Eric and Ann Harmon to William Sons, 172 Honeysuckle Dr., Hendersonville, $195,000.

Jeremy and Nicole Johnson to Justin and Christy Wall, 1046 Brixton Blvd., Hendersonville, $390,000.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to John and Lisa Paxton, 152 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $514,900.

Michael and Brenda Goss to Doina and Daniel Veliciu, 103 Turning Leaf Way, Hendersonville, $525,000.

John Warren and Justin and Melissa Swisher, 109 Wickham Ct., Hendersonville, $399,900.

Tonja Jennings to Olivia Spooner and Jason Hall, 104 Withers Ct., Hendersonville, $284,900.

Creekside Homes LLC to Jon and Tami Belcher, 2003 Hawkwell Cir., Hendersonville, $457,900.

Baywood Pointe Partnership to Frank Batson Homes Inc., 155 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $77,847.80.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Zachary and Rachel Logan, 583 Nottingham Ave Hendersonville, $462,500.

Christopher and Emily Marks to Joseph Goff, 201 Gates Dr., Hendersonville, $269,900.

Weekley Homes LLC to Stephen Morton, 110 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $320,875.

Michael Goss to Benjamin McIntosh and Hannah Nodell, 188 Timberlake Dr., Hendersonville, $241,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jorge and Rosa Moncayo, 1625 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $263,660.

Ashish Ainapure, Prithi Ainapure to Mark and Ginnie Gregory, 1027 Fulman Rd., Hendersonville, $344,900.   

Nancy Oakes to Nichael and Nanette Ponder, 118 Ruland Cir., Hendersonville, $339,000.

Daniel and Tammie Sutherland to Lois and Mark Goodman, 155 Country Club Dr., Hendersonville, $285,000.

Aloma and Steven Jones to Kevin Cox, 303 Roberta Dr., Hendersonville, $228,000.

Howard Hunt to John and Diane Allers, Sr., 101 Ingrid Way, Hendersonville, $175,000.  

Brandon and Ruth Hobbs to Aldo Torres, 1005 Winton Ct., Hendersonville, $376,900.

Linda Kristoffersen Trustee of the Linda Kristoffersen Revocable Trust to Alex and Trinity Wahl, 101 Aspen Ct., Hendersonville, $205,000.     

Robert and Brenda Reed to Joshua Miller and Leah Ewing, 162 W Harbor Dr., Hendersonville, $313,000.

Frank and Stephanie Tighe to Morgan Hallas, 306 Donna Dr., Hendersonville, $215,000.

Crystal Hutchinson to Chad Cleversley and Amy Keller, 117 Crestmont Dr., Hendersonville, $236,950

Mark and Krista King to Nathan Shultz and Jennifer Johnson, 126 Bayview Dr., Hendersonville, $534,900.

Roberto Santiago, Jr. and Rosemary Santiago Co-Trustees of the Roberto Santiago Jr. & Rosemary Estremera Santiago Living Trust, 293 Donn Dr. #C, Hendersonville, $115,000.

Thomas and Janet Flegler to Bryan Ayers, 1021 Newmans Trail, Hendersonville, $175,000.

Opendoor Property D LLC to Paul and Jennifer Greene, 106 Millbrook Rd., Hendersonville, $362,000.

Sarah and Paul Wolf to Opendoor Property C LLC, 116 Connie Dr., Hendersonville, $247,300.

Jonathan and Priscilla Berarducci to Rex and Brenda Tobias, 1055 Island Brook Dr., Hendersonville, $685,000.

Paul and Jana Hite to Dennis and Mary Kay Doro, 104 Carriage Way, Hendersonville, $500,000.

Opendoor Prop C LLC to Aili and Edwin Bryant, 105 Chambliss Ct., Hendersonville, $319,000.


Rex Tobias to Joahua Daniel, Adina Daniel and Glen Daniel, Jr., 135 Cartwright Parkway, Millersville, $221,252. 

Charles Duke to Caleb Blackwell and Madison Montgomery, 1522 Williamson Rd., Millersville, $247,000.


Benjamin Price to Barrett and Chelsie Dunn, 118 Ambassador Private Cir. #10, Nashville, 4266,000.


Anthony Walker and Briana Cordero to Sergio Pena, Sergio Cruz, Dulce Pena, 1079 Coker Ford Rd., Portland, $184,900.

Heather Cook to Billy Richards, 107 Paigewood Dr., Portland, $182,000.

Mickey and Katelyn Andrews to Michael Burggern, 118 Switchboard Rd., Portland, $169,900.

Lisa O’Connor to Richard and Julie Cobb, IV, 459 Halltown Rd., Portland, $445,000.

Andrew and Elizabeth White to Alicia Sanchez, 107 Kimberly St., Portland, $179,900.

White House

Matthew and Gena Bumbalough to Courtney C. Paschall Revocable Living Trust, 202 Beechbrook Ct., White House, $258,000.

Donathan and Shaunte Knowles to Jonathan and Emilee Earl, 1435 Winding Way Dr., White House, $177,000.

Barry and Bari Brooks to Robert Barry, 928 McCurdy Rd., White House, $352,000.

Thomas Curtis IV to Kenneth Hutchins, 137 S Palmers Chapel Rd., White House, $305,550.

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