Brady and Jaerica Troutt to Daniel and Sheryl Brown, 1464 Mount Vernon Rd., Bethpage, $345,000.

Castalian Springs

Jason Cole and Nancy Rodriguez to Patricia and Justin Orme, 1044 Esmerald Way, Castalian Springs, $295,000.

Vickie Warner to Javier Mier, 710 Greenfield Ln., Castalian Springs, $254,900.


William and Melissa King, II to Phillip and Sarah Stratton, 535 Shun Pike, Cottontown, $450,000.

James Hire to Robert Busteed, 319 S Palmers Chapel Rd., Cottontown, $225,000.


Ronnie and Sandra Huddleston to William and Brenda Green, 238 Airport Rd., Gallatin, $700,000.

Friedmann Family Trust to Gene Fleisc and Norma Howell, 831 Plantation Way, Gallatin, $150,000.

David and Cydney Lanctot to Michael and Rachel Donahue, 1121 Arizona Trace, Gallatin, $374,900.

Commodore Rentals LLC to Paul and Elizabeth Martin, 1137 Chloe Dr., Gallatin, $539,900.

Mark and Tricia Murray to Todd and Cassie Paine, 1014 Isaac Franklin Dr., Gallatin, $722,500.

Velma Cathcart Trustee of the Velma Cathcart Revocable Trust to Dominic and Sherrie Cathcart, 1051 Roundtree Dr., Gallatin, $260,000.

Bret and Lisa Petty to William E. Shedden Trustee of the Richard L. Shedden Preservation Trust, 1490 Rozella Way, Gallatin, $287,000.

David and Kimberlyn McCollough to Michael and Leah Pauley, 779 Nelms Dr., Gallatin, $379,900.

Majority Investors Inc. to Erasmo Ramos, 280 East Bledsoe St., Gallatin, $80,000.

Matthew Paisley and Katherine Majovski to Miguel Moreno and Angela Arroyo, 1800 Scotty Parker Rd., Gallatin, $426,300.

Halcomb Homes LLC to Denine and Don Pritchett, 966 Westbrook Dr., Gallatin, $549,950.

Dean and Katherine Gambill to Billy and Barbara Rowe, 1637 Cairo Rd., Gallatin, $420,000.

Nigar A. Enayat Trustee of Nards Trust to Keith and Jennifer Kraemer, 1458 Rozella Way, Gallatin, $340,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Zachary and Lenore Poskevich, 2011 Hardwick Ln., Gallatin, $251,320.

Pinnacle Development Co. Inc. to Kelly and Jordan Gause, 1009 Tucker Place, Gallatin, $379,900.

Southeastern Building Corp. to James and Molly Colli, 107 Echlin St., Gallatin, $503,578.

Kenton and Misty Glimer to Ashtyn Gillihan and Andres Sandoval, 224 Hedgeway Ct., Gallatin, $264,000.

Gwendolyn Gregory to Mark and Earlene Camasta, 223 Hedgeway Ct., Gallatin, $280,000.

Hubert and Kathy Payne to Kelly and Samuel Sanford, 1400 Stone Creek Dr., Gallatin, $371,000.

Davidson Homes LLC to Sandra Hasch and Rebecca Moriarity, 241 Griffin Ln., Gallatin, $328,100.

Kelly Tuttle and Nelson Willis to Jessica Bates, 1022 Craigfront Estates Rd., Gallatin, $201,000.

Santos Runguia to Delbert and Tina Thigpen, Jr., 771 Starpoint Dr., Gallatin, $338,000.

Davidson Homes LLC to Thomas Carder, 280 Griffin Ln., Gallatin, $351,900.

Scott and Michelle Roth to Mason and Brooklyn Collins, 1661 Foxland Blvd., Gallatin, $768,000.

Dennie and Don Pritchett to Cages Bend Land Co. GP, 1085 East Cavaletti Cir., Gallatin, $315,102.25.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Ivana Babic, 1004 Fenner Ln., Gallatin, $384,990.

LGI Homes-Tennessee LLC to Paul and Martha Leblanc, 572 Fredericksburg Dr., Gallatin, $314,900.

Matthew and Amber Gerber to Brant and Alexis Hall, 109 Bingham St., Gallatin, $660,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Harriett Loftin, 2017 Hardwick Ln., Gallatin, $260,000.

Austin and Jessica Pernell to Philip and Denise Lynch, 1109 Arizona Trace, Gallatin, $409,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to David and Renee Diciolla, 1554 Holton Rd., Gallatin, $333,900.

Kenneth and Lorraine Scott to Ronald Davidson, 1159 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin, $200,000.

Lindsey McDuffie to Anthony and Kelly Cooper, 626 Concord Dr., Gallatin, $402,500.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Sara Dew, 1711 Gardham Ln., Gallatin, $361,700.

Robert Gilbert and Eileen Gladone to Robert and Melinda Neely, 1016 N Sugartree Ln., Gallatin, $576,000.

Michael and Patricia Long to Anthony and Kelly Marchione, 102 Higginson Place N, Gallatin, $674,000.

Jerome Kaczmarek and Sandra Hasch to Mark and Wendy Kennedy, 448 Lucy Cir., Gallatin, $326,000.

Carolyn Anderson to Benjamin Young and Tara Watson, 129 Woodlake Dr., Gallatin, $414,900.

James Price and Linda McConville to Kenneth and LorraineScott, 1592 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $710,000.

Kathleen Williams to Shaun Rudd, 429 Wadebrook Dr., Gallatin, $248,584.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Debbie Rutland and Pamela Carr, 124 Santa Rose Dr., Gallatin, $372,451.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Tangela Lauderdale, 2015 Hardwick Ln., Gallatin, $234,990.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Scott and Kim Marsch, 1151 Westgate Dr., Gallatin, $389,642.

Matthew and Pamela Headrick to Anthony and Terese Ageno, 1104 Yorkville Belle Ct., Gallatin, $790,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Jennifer Everett, 2310 Cages Bend Rd., Gallatin, $599,900.

Wallace and Callie Gregory to Bryan Williams, 446 Rodney St., Gallatin, $110,000.

Kevin and Elizabeth Snell to Anthony and Dana Hanson, 2187 Gorden Crossing, Gallatin, $582,575.


Redemption Properties LLC to Kendra Loney, 2014 Mansker Dr., Goodlettsville, $210,000.

Aaron and Promise Cox to Bryan and Christa Cain, 1009 Cartwright Circle North, Goodlettsville, $250,000.

Alexander and Chandler Spiros to Lillian and Christopher Laferny, 1020 Chisolm Trail, Goodlettsville, $285,000.

2105 Creek Trail LLC to Courtney Smith, 2105 Creek Trail, Goodlettsville, $265,000.

Andy Hunter to Sean and Tiffany Likness, 407 Hogans Branch Rd., Goodlettsville, $257,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Lora Clendenin, 440 Old Stone Rd., Goodlettsville, $348,940.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Katherine Majovski and Matthew Paisley, 341 Old Stone Rd., Goodlettsville, $493,490.

Joshua and Kaitlyn Thames to Shonie Wekler, 119 Brookview Cir., Goodlettsville, $261,000.

Gary Brown, Barry Coker, Carrie Coker, James Coker to Steve Lanius and Cheryl burgess, 1486 Madison Creek Rd., Goodlettsville, $280,000.

Tina Schaell to Asuka Johnson, 1009 Twelve Stones Ct., Goodlettsville, $137,500.


Amie Davenport to Kenneth Davenport and Ronnie Davenport, 113 Circle Dr.,Hendersonville, $172,000.

Tyde Terzinski and Kati Fredericksen to Elizabeth Fischer, 321 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $329,900.

Jack and Tammy Cox to Jayson Bowers, 1025 Benwick Rd., Hendersonville, $399,900.

Dillard and Tracy Dyer to Tiffany and Adam Wilson, 110 The Hollows Ct., Hendersonville, $727,500.

Race and Linda Cholewinski to Amanda Varian, 139 Braxton Lane E, Hendersonville, $282,900.

Rebecca Woodburn Trustee of the Rebecca L. Woodburn Irrevocable Trust and Kelly Hoorman to Chad and Rachel Gossett, 117 Cattail Ln., Hendersonville, $232,500.

Travis Wilson and Erica Halliman to Brian Butler, 203 Elnora Dr., Hendersonville, $267,455.

Beazer Homes LLC to Aeron James Lucas and Catherine McNally Lucas Trustees of the 2015 Lucas Family Trust, 141 Saundersville Rd. #1403, Hendersonville, $365,416.

Carl Cornish to Christopher and Mary Hallock, 101 Neverbreak Dr., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Tera Bradley to Cody and Rebecca Shepard, 129 Otter Glen Dr., Hendersonville, $319,000.

Lawrence Dawson to Kelly and Mark Jordan, 102 Paradise Dr., Hendersonville, $264,000.

Adedotun Olusoga and Olamide Zaka to Ihor Lazarkov and Hanna Stoianova, 1020 Merrick Rd., Hendersonville, $381,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to William and Michelle Harris, 1072 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $253,660.

Robert Hall to Donald Cockrill, 109 Crossroad Dr., Hendersonville, $242,500.

Larry and Jamie Martin, Sr. to Jaime Castro and Monica Martino-Castro, 100 Luna Ln., Hendersonville, $340,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michael Kimberly, 379 Carriage House Ln., Hendersonville, $294,815.

Deborah and Wesley Thompson to Justi De Guzman, 196 Spy Glass, Hendersonville, $400,000.

Hunter and Audrey Owen to Erica Worden, 118 Glen Leven Way, Hendersonville, $825,000.

Wiboolya and Somporn Insrikeaw to David and Cynthia Chrrix, 161 Cumberland Dr., Hendersonville, $625,000.

Daniel and Lindsey Wilson to Amir Begovic, 138 Summer Meadows Ln., Hendersonville, $258,900.

Amanda Varian to Miguel Ollero and Charlotte Salgado, 113 Lynn Dr., Hendersonville, $279,837.

Clyde Jackson, Michael Jackson, Wanda Miller, Frank Jackson to Dirtbag Estates LLC, 295D Donna Dr., Hendersonville, $110,000.

Margie Smith to Stephen and Holland Sutton, 100 Paxton Ct., Hendersonville, $279,900.

James and Christie Buchanan to Jane Wintz and Nancy Brocker, 812 New Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, $540,000.

James and Katherine Copley to David Hiland, 118 Marseille Dr., Hendersonville, $307,500.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Rachel Hendrix, 377 Carriage House Ln., Hendersonville, $264,975.

Anne Reed, Mary Lemense, Elizabeth Bressler to Sarah and Ryan Williams, 205 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $175,000.

Wilma Richards to Solyda Oum and Tammy Duong, 135 Maple Dr., Hendersonville, $255,000.

Grover Murrell, Jr. and Kurtis Wyatt to Kristina Standafer, 951 Innsbrooke Ave., Hendersonville, $285,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Linsey Marlin, 1052 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $253,090.

Teresa Sword to Megan and Andrew Shade, 105 Applewood Valley Dr., Hendersonville, $383,750.

Benjamin and Christi Quigley to TDG Byrdstown LLC, 130 Alred Cir., Hendersonville, $268,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to James and Katherine Copley, 908 Orchid Pl., Hendersonville, $429,990.

Richard and Sheila Douglas to Douglas and Shannon Arthur, 1002 Forestpointe, Hendersonville, $455,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Carly Ramsey, 102 Chickamauga Dr., Hendersonville, $287,670.

Michael and Kristine McKnight to Dale and Kelly Powell, 100 Ash Ct., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Timothy and Karen Watson to Brad Wathne, 157 Ashcrest Point, Hendersoville, $422,500.

Opendoor Property J LLC to Nathaly Salgado and Humberto Dominguez, 140 Captains Cir., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Bonnie Carol Broadway Smith Trustee of the Bonnie Carol Broadway Smith Trust to John Rudolph, 196 Roberta Dr., Hendersonville, $780,000.

Denise Lynn to Maricela Cruz, 115 Walton Trace, Hendersonville, $339,900.

Julie and James Travis to Selena Mason, 106 Cannons Crossing, Hendersonville, $325,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Laura Hunter, 1074 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $236,990.

Robert Burgess to Amanda Tucker-Dye and Eric Dye, 143 Hickory Heights Dr., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Brenda Marrs to Carrie and Marcus Palmer, 167 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $279,000.

Nathan and Jania Basco to Katherine and Michael Eidson, 166 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $395,000.

Brent and Karina Hogue to Christopher and Victoria Ricci, 103 Courtside Pl., Hendersonville, $226,900.

Jennifer and Junius Davis, Jr. to Abigail and Chandler Doyle, 103 Castleview Dr., Hendersonville, $350,000.

Rosemary Allison to Mark and Emily Zeni, 163 Country Club Dr., Hendersonville, $350,000.

Bayrock Seven Coliseum LLC to Bingo I LP, 214 Indian Lake Blvd., Hendersonville, $2,716,300.


Pamela Barker and Keith Naegeli to Margaret Toney, 112 Jason Ct., Portland, $195,000.

Kelli Harvey, Michael Rhea, Patricia Rhea to David and Heather Williamson, 200 Shaub Rd., Portland, $203,500.

Kenneth Lame to Jim and Karen Davis, 183 Moore Link Rd., Portland, $165,000.

David and Ariel Hoxie to Tracy McCauley, 205 Amy Dr., Portland, $205,000.

Ryan and Anna Smith to Christopher Cantine, 150B Dogwood Springs Dr., Portland, $850,000.

Kevin Hall to Buying Houses LLC, 539 Crook Rd., Portland, $75,000.

Estate of Clyde L. Fuqua to Roger and Tina Barbour, 100 West Harper Rd., Portland, $320,000.

John and Michelle Schaffhouser to Dylan and Whitney Hilliard, 772 Denning Ford Rd., Portland, $152,000.

Dale and Kelly Powell, Jr. to Abby Kiesner, 4002 William Mack Ln., Portland $244,000.

Justin Buck and Christian Buck to Righteous and Megan Stevenson, 134 Keen Rd., Portland, $305,900.

Kina Scott to Yosbelys Dominguez and Yoelkis Barcelo, 138 Cody Ct., Portland, $210,000.


Steven Martin to Cameron and Magon Calvert, 425 Robins Trail, Westmoreland, $269,900.

Brook Ham to Johnny Huffines and Tabatha Dozier, 4002 Fleetwood Dr., Westmoreland, $172,777.

Russell and Penny Norman to John Garrett, 3101 W Borders St., Westmoreland, $140,000.

James Smalling to Shaileshkumar Patel, 6120 Austin Peay Hwy, Westmoreland, $70,000.

White House

Stephen and Angela Derrick to Jacquelyn Laker, 202 Louise Dr., White House, $359,900.

Jeffery Puccini to Kristen Griswold, 206 Hobbs Dr., White House, $224,000.

Jerry and Nettie Turner to Krisztina and William Shannon, 790 McCurdy Rd., White House, $475,000.

Kenneth and Regina Cooper to Jacob Girardin and Brandon Girardin, 1404 Winding Way, White House, $145,000.

Thomas and Veronica Ross to Tara Bogard, 217 Portland Rd., White House, $185,000.

Aaryn Lyle to TDG Properties LLC, 704 Highland Dr., White House, $270,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Kiona Morehead and Jalon McCutcheon, 128 Auxley Ct., White House, $278,880.

Larry Jones to Aubrey Carr, 218 S Palmers Chapel Rd., White House, $240,000.

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