Jason Herrell to Carlos and Mandy Sanchez, 298 Harve Brown Rd., Bethpage, $159,900.

Castalian Springs

Joshua Gregory to Hunter Murphree, 188 Ben Armstrong Rd., Castalian Springs, $264,000.


David and Marilyn Petersen to Taylor and Marilyn Hill, 164 Circle Dr., Cottontown, $308,500.

Tim and Sandra Murphy to Mark and Cathy Frizzell, 1036 Wilderness Way, Cottontown, $99,500.

Ray and Leellen Corlew to Randall and Jimmy Rodgers, 2873 Hwy 25, Cottontown, $185,000.

Cindy and Michael Gammon to Ty Barnes, 112 Denning Ln., Cottontown, $148,000.


Phillip and Erica Derochemont to Emily Glasser and Daniel Boston, 209 Hale Ave., Gallatin, $220,999.

Kevin and Lauren Brown to Seth and Sharon Moore, 118 Collinwood Dr., Gallatin, $439,900.

Julia Jackson to Melanie Newport, 369 Rosebrook Dr., Gallatin, $229,500.

William and Chelsea Marquardt to Larry Crissup, 631 Fredericksburg Dr., Gallatin, $252,000.

Trisha Chambon and Jeffery Agnew to Michael and Maggie Daniel, 112 Vaughan St., Gallatin, $425,000.

Amanda and Jonathan Avent to Brian Roberts, 1124 Savannah Ave., Gallatin, $251,000.

Daisy Casey to Laurie and Cynthia Stanfill, 1033 Jarman Ln., Gallatin, $485,000.

Lois Cox to David and Connie Farr, 909 Lone Oak Dr., Gallatin, $222,000.

Darlene Derryberry and Darlene Moore to Douglas and Phyllis Williams, 805 Walpole, Gallatin, $252,436.56.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Patrick and Kate Kennedy, 1012 Windemere Dr., Gallatin, $295,105.

Pamela and David Bannister to Sheila Bingham, 120 Jason Ct., Gallatin, $232,000.

Chris Green to Michael and Cynthia Barczykowski, 160 Branham Mill Rd., Gallatin, $408,000.

Nicholas and Samantha Davis to Barbara Marsh, 424 Dorecster Pl., Gallatin, $250,000.

Christopher and Roberta Braat to Sameer Badi and Abeda Alamari, 232 Ettington Dr., Gallatin, $399,000.

Justin and Cyndie Herder to Eric and Catherine Carlson, 1069 Vinings Blvd., Gallatin, $538,500.

Daniella Tiboca Trustee of the Daniella Tiboca Living Trust to Michael and Cristina Tobin, 462 Gibbs Ln., Gallatin, $420,500.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Preston and Brittany Tobitt, 1017 Windemere Dr., Gallatin, $300,755.

Southeastern Building Corp to Michael Thursam, 1032 Appaloosa Way, Gallatin, $370,900.

Monty and Susan Steen to ALI Investments LLC, 1389 Rozella Way, Gallatin, $1,525,000.

Robert Goodall, Jr. Trustee of the Sled Lake Investment Trust to John Warren, 262 Bellington Dr., Gallatin, $312,000.

Michael Farmer to Jan Dew, 165 Brices Ct., Gallatin, $255,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Melanie and Joseph Chumbley, 372 Quarry Rd., Gallatin, $350,182.

Scott Simms to Sasha and Mariah Thelen, 1214 Lake Rise Overlook, Gallatin, $395,000.

Sasha and Marian Thelen to Ruth and Kathryn Perry, 1392 Stone Creek Dr., Gallatin, $299,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Nicole Sartain, 1116 Kennesaw Blvd., Gallatin, $294,775.

Halcomb Homes LLC to Breanna and Michael Devlin, 1016 Westbrook Dr., Gallatin, $502,000.

Richard and Gwynn Hart to Michael Mullaney, 228 Leah Ct., Gallatin, $276,400.

Christopher Cunningham, II to Chad Ohman, 1012 Hart St., Gallatin, $183,700.

Louallen Builders Inc. to Daniela Tiboca, 343 Hathaway Ln., Gallatin, $320,000.

Matthew and Chasity Robison to Daniel and Renata Kielbasa, 1839 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, $417,900.

Darold and Elisa Boucher to Colleen Fix and Maureen Thomson, 161 Hidden Cove Ct., Gallatin, $620,000.

Elizabeth Banks and Anthony Fritz,  Devisees of the Estate of Allan J. Fritz to Carmen and Gary Dorris, 1093 Tarpan Dr., Gallatin, $280,000.

Matthew and Mallory Tant to Christopher and Michelle Hudson, 1100 Deer Run, Gallatin, $292,500.


Antonio and Deana Lansden to Paul Richards, 156 Brookview Cir., Goodlettsville, $264,000.

Nathaniel Oaks to Pamela Perry, 101 Jesse Brown Dr., Goodlettsville, $209,900.


Lawrence Busch and Jennie Vanderham to Kathleen R. Stupar, Trustee of the Kathleen R. Stupar Trust dated September 14, 2012 and Ronald Stamper,  3125 New Hope Rd., Hendersonville, $674,900.

Douglas and Melissa Herron to William Sons Jr., 145 Forest Retreat Rd., Hendersonville, $120,000.

Capitol Homes Inc. to Donald and Lisa Fetzer, 115 Manor Way, Hendersonville, $406,039.

Weekley Homes LLC to Deborah Nicoline, 101 Championship Pl., Hendersonville, $575,518.

William Herrell and Arduino Cacciotti to Jonathan Arbuckle, 115 Jennings Dr., Hendersonville, $225,000.

Christine and David Lind to Michael Holland, 102 Hazelwood Ct., Hendersonville, $183,000.

Gladys Harris to Nathan and Ashley Dungan, 1816 Centerpoint Rd., Hendersonville, $379,900.

Ernst-Western Properties to Truitt Ellis and Brent Pennington, 133 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $1,527,750.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Adam and Mandy Rusch, 588 Nottingham Ave., Hendersonville, $381,190.

Frank R. Cirrincione and Mildred A. Cirrincione, Co-Trustee of the Cirrincione Family Revocable Living Trust to Michael and Laura Schnur, 214 Spring Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $415,000.

Gerard and Judith Rousselle to Rebecca and Benjamin Brooks, Jr., 105 Northlake Dr., Henderonsville, $273,400.

Parkside Builders LLC to Stephen Barrios and Amy Jordan, 2006 French Bauyou Ln., Hendersonville, $314,637.

Carroll and Julie Gant to Brandon and Samantha Schneeberger, 141 River Chase, Hendersonville, $385,000.

Mahalinda Martin to Robert and Sabrina Baker, 1008 Heathrow Dr., Hendersonville, $574,900.

Laurale Williams to Jarrell & Co LLC, 125 Maple Row Blvd., Hendersonville, $300,000. 

Ilyssa Walrath to Carlos Cruz and Noemi Munoz, 122 Pana Dr., Hendersonville, $186,038.

Edwin Crowley, Jr. and Carl Cornish to Mahalinda Martin, 101 Earline Ave., Hendersonville, $375,000.

Marlene Laviola to Harriett and Cynthia McCay, 109 La Plaza Dr., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Robert Perkinson to Amy and Bradford Taylor, 155 Waters Edge Ln., Hendersonville, $276,500.

Harriett and Cynthia McCay to Sarah Bartlett, 200 Sanders Ferry Rd. #2407, Hendersonville, $150,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Halston Cutrell and Michaela Hudson, 331 Lakeside Park Dr., Hendersonville, $249,900.

James and Kiersten Castro to HPA US1 LLC, 1019 Flaxton St., Hendersonville, $372,500.

Halcomb Homes LLC to Matthew and Brandi Pearson, 116 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $539,000.

Charles and Mary Lou Polchek to Renee Wohlfarth, 250 Donna Dr. #8D, Hendersonville, $127,500.

Bryan and Tanya Harralson to Anthony and Melissa Hernandez, 107 South Shadowhaven Way, Hendersonville, $380,000.

Drew and Elsbeth Davenport to Craig Borowski, 143 Water View Dr., Hendersonville, $514,900.

Olivia Kollnig and Benjamin Lloyd to Christopher and Alexandra Wood, 197 East Harbor, Hendersonville, $363,000.

Gary and Diane Dales to Gregory Massey and Renelda Boyd-Massey, 117 Deerwood Dr., Hendersonville, $449,900.

Louis and Jill Roberts to Jason and Erin Hall, 146 Nathan Forest Dr., Hendersonville, $365,000.

Roger Batey Construction Co. to James and Margaret Huff, 113 Worcesters Point, Hendersonville, $534,500.

Jonathan Arbuckle and Raymond Tate to Scott Brisson, 112 Maple Dr., Hendersonville, $315,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Steven Fox, Desiree Fox, Alan Fox, 955 Cherry Grove Dr., Hendersonville, $319,500.

Parkside Builders LLC to Chad Quillin and Van Nguyen, 2004 French Bayou Ln., Hendersonville, $305,911.

Rachel and William Deyoung to Sonya Leeman, 1585 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $440,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Christina Buckner and Michael Mendenhall, 143 Circle Dr., Hendersonville, $436,150.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jordan and Stephanie White, 568 Nottingham Ave., Hendersonville, $444,990.

Weekley Homes LLC to Winifred Forrester, 252 Tanglewood Ln., Hendersonville, $382,000.

George Purvis to Carrie and Ian Rees, 103 Cedar Springs Trl., Hendersonville, $260,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Kevin Riley, 1012 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $273,984.

Brook Rutherford and Etsuko Nakano to James Burton and George Burton, 126 Ruland Cir., Hendersonville, $385,000.

Phillip Pauland Tiffany Millar to Garrett Mongon, 121 Read Tavern Rd., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Capitol Homes Inc. to Nicholas and Rebecca Brown, 116 Manor Way, Hendersonville, $367,990.

Ronald Jones to SPM of Tennessee LLC, 1018 Morchella Private Way, Hendersonville, $62,500.

Misty Scott to Jon and Vickie Peeler, 329 Deer Point Dr. #329, Hendersonville, $181,500.


C & R Group Contractors LLC to Randy and Karen Norris, 112 Windwood Dr., Portland, $370,000.

Clarion Homes LLC to Larry and Ruth Dickens, 115 TGT Rd., Portland, $253,100.

Phillip Hunter, II and Karia Mellard to Andre Jorge, 310 Hunter St., Portland, $150,000.


James Rippy, Scott Rippy, Jr., Mike Williams to Samantha Kirby, 1280 Mount Olive Rd., Westmoreland, $199,100.

Samantha Kirby to George and Jeanette Kreiner, 1079 Absher Branch Rd., Westmoreland, $200,000.

White House

Lewis and Misty Copper to James Blackmore and Darla Fernandez, 104 Hickory Trail, White House, $430,000.

Daniel and Natalie Brown to Nathaniel and Mandy Oaks, 109 Strassle Dr., White House, $335,000.

Vince Hicks and Martha Batey-Hicks to John and Elizabeth Gragg, 1136 Stillhouse Rd., White House, $318,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Elizabeth and William O’Neil, 137 Bexley Way, White House, $264,830.

Ryan Pollett to Dale and Candise Tuggy, 105 Landons Cir., White House, $330,000.

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