Ashley Garris to Steven and Wanda Wilburn, 314 W Hester Rd., Cottontown, $110,000.

Jerry Russell to Anthony and Brenda McCray, 3112 Hwy 25, Cottontown, $160,000.


HCR Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 110 Sperance Ln., Gallatin & 112 Sperance Ln., Gallatin, $170,000.

Louallen Builders Inc. to Pamela Zent, 1071 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $263,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Joanna Waskevitch-Martin and Charles Martin, 148 Windlow Ct., Gallatin, $322,835.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to William and Vicki Tyner, 214 Glennister Ct., Gallatin, $293,498.

Gary and Rebecca Shirley to Timothy and Sharon Bolby, 116 Vaughan St., Gallatin, $413,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jacqueline Brown, 1055 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $239,320.

Tanner and Karissa Earlie to Karen Chaffin, 1208 Lake Rise Overlook, Gallatin, $315,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Eric and Ann Harmon, 1037 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $249,990.

Joshua and Debbie Bond to Guru Medam and Lavanya Polana, 953 Vinings Blvd., Gallatin, $644,900.

John and Christine Collins to Margaret St Peters, Trustee of the Margaret St Peters Declaration of Trust, 848 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin, $555,000.

Randall and Barbara Jones to Michael Rogers, 704 Persimmon Pl., Gallatin, $298,500.

Bruce and Shelby Yazzie to Christopher Erwin, 438 Remington Ave., Gallatin, $262,900.

Oral and Helen Gooch to Johanna Gooch, 2702 Cages Bend Rd., Gallatin, $250,000.

Jerry and Shirley Parrish to Gerald and Stacy Felts, Jr., 121 Eastover St., Gallatin, $159,900.

Fairways Properties to Ernst Group LLC, 1192 Potter Ln., Gallatin, $199,000.

Paul Yeanoplos and Robin Morrow to Caroline Sue Rowland Trustee of the Rowland Farms Trust, 1000 Shimmering Way, Gallatin, $775,000.

Carrie Mabrey, Adelaid Corkern, Susan Baker, Carrie Baker, Norval Baker to Patricia Highers, 916 Harris Dr., Gallatin, $279,900.

Mark and Heather Lynn to Petru Almajan and Florica Dorcioman, 809 Bauman Ct., Gallatin, $307,000. 

Henry and Alzenia Walls to Adam and Carrie Duncan, 1398 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, $370,000.

Donald and Debra Yount to Scott Simon and Teresa Morris-Simon, 1134 Landing Pvt. Court, Gallatin, $1,515,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Robert and Julia Jordan, 1015 Fenner Ln., Gallatin, $434,990.

Frank Batson Homes Inc. to Emmanuel and Kimberly Akinyele, 993 Westbrook Dr., Gallatin, $567,448.

Octavene Conquest to Michael and Melissa Hester, 1175 Liberty Ln., Gallatin, $1,400,000.

Kevin and Terri Leland to Eric Coley, 993 Dobbins Pike, Gallatin, $240,000.

Antionette Booker to Grant Oliasani, 231 Saxony Way, Gallatin, $230,000.

Michael and Brittni Gill to Joshua and Chelsea Madden, 473 Ryan Ave., Gallatin, $300,000.

David Stinson to Bat Inc., 1408 & 1414 Rozella Way, Gallatin, $1,450,000.

William Franklin, III to Brad Still, 125 Juanita Ave., Gallatin, $126,400.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Martha Turner, 1051 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $248,275.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Collin and Marcia Peterson, 1016 Windemere Dr., Gallatin, $251,150.

Rella Frazier to Kenneth and Lee Ann Maxwell Trustees of the Maxwell Revocable Living Trust, 1121 Windsor Dr., Gallatin, $152,500.

Starting Over Investments LLC to Ted Gregory and Tony Gregory, 1391 Harrington Dr., Gallatin, $199,200.

Jessica Richmond to Tim Defriez and Karen Lee-Defriez, 201 Sherry Cir., Gallatin, $280,000.

Andrew Hodges to Jacy Shumate, 305 Sunset Blvd., Gallatin, $184,900.

Christopher and Kathryn Brown to Taylor and Erin Allender, 208 Ettington Dr., Gallatin, $389,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Joseph Abraham and Lisy Chazhikat, 689 Starwood Dr., Gallatin, $325,000.

Second Generation Construction Inc. to Donald and Christina Brown, 1095 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $262,350.


Timothy and Dawn Hurt to James Batey, 1082 Williamson Rd., Goodlettsville, $218,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Ru Lin and Xui Ni, 409 Old Stone Rd., Goodlettsville, $340,592.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Chris Jeffers and Juleah Barrettsmith, 535 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $421,322.

Samuel and Nancy Stratton to Kimberly and Calvin Holcomb, 127 Rose Garden Ln., Goodlettsville, $325,000.

Tamara Parrish to Richard and Teresa Wheeler, 2013 Crencor Dr., Goodlettsville, $345,000.

Marvin and Jacquelyn Winnett to William Garrett, 1044 Woody Ln., Goodlettsville, $88,500.


WC Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp, 250 Crooked Creek Ln., Hendersonville & 248 Crooked Creek Ln., Hendersonville, $140,000.

Star Homes LLC to Wayna and Max Cook 204 Raindrop Ln., Hendersonville, $240,000.

Pamela Kemp, Penny Simmons, Philip Simmons to Brandon Schneider and Rhonda Hannah, 553 Walton Ferry Rd., Hendersonville, $140,000.

Melodie and Chad Garner to Dorothy Dixon, Stephen Dixon and Joanna Dixon, 243 Old Shackle Island, Hendersonville, $365,000.

Carol Franklin to Michael and Stephanie Lewis, 105 Cornelia Dr., Hendersonville, $220,000.

John Janda, Jr. to Shirlene and Daniel Chart, 135 Spade Leaf Blvd., Hendersonville, $315,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Alan and Vicki Williams, 719 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $453,937.

Wayna and Max Cook to Jason and Sheryl Williams, 118 Judson Dr., Hendersonville, $337,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Robert and Wendy Czymoch, 587 Nottingham Ave., Hendersonville, $469,000.

Charles and Linda Smotherman to Bryan and Alison Koenig, 1029 Sandy Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $370,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Kenneth and Michel Morrow, 244 Tanglewood Ln., Hendersonville, $359,990.

Sharonne and Curtis Lincoln to Gene Betts, 102 Ashland Point, Hendersonville, $560,000.

5 Stones LLC to P&D Investment LLC, 891 West Main St., Hendersonville, $1,015,000.

Veit and Debra Spero to Yamasa Co LTD, 111 White Oak Ct., Hendersonville, $236,500.

Bradley McKenzie, Branki Allocco, Bridget McKenzie to William G. Byrd, Jr., 114 Lake Vista Dr., Hendersonville, $125,000.

Valerie and Daniel Miller to Brenda Bluew, 112 Sain Andrews Dr., Hendersonville, $369,000.

Lee Hord, Sr. to William and Melissa Peterson, 108 Kinwood Ct., Hendersonville, $429,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Lisa Esselstyn Kato Trustee of the Lisa Esselstyn Kato Trust, 119 Championship Pl., Hendersonville, $529,000.

Pulte Homes Tennessee to Erin King, 425 Norman Way, Hendersonville, $421,272.

David and Wilma Edmonds to Sheldon Lemen, 289 Southburn Dr., Hendersonville, $236,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Zachery and Deanna Smith, 727 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $455,585.

Mark Sumonka to Arianna Murphy, Michael Murphy and Mary Murphy, 130 Chiroe Rd., Hendersonville, $280,000.

Alex and Bhadrika Patel to Donnie and Trina Smotherman, 1004 Darwood Ct., Hendersonville, $435,000.

Micah and Jacquelyn Schweinsberg to Benjamin and Kali Forquer, 151 Two Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $220,900.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Evan Max and Lyssa Bomgaars, 576 Nottingham Ave., Hendersonville, $454,990.

Sean and Audra Logan to Nicole Carver and William Ralls, 148 Brierfield Way, Hendersonville, $359,900.

William Sons, Jr. to Holly Parman, 333 Deer Point Dr., Hendersonville, $197,000.

Celebration Homes LLC to Arthur and Helen Megibben, 1562 Drakes Creek Rd., Henderonsville, $505,675.

Ronald and Meredith Craig to Kenneth and Mary Droitcour, 117 Waters Edge Ln., Hendersonville, $283,000.

Muleah Barrettsmith, Scott Barrettsmith, Julie Barrettsmith to Virginia Shepard, 64 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $285,000.

Charles and Susanne Jackson to Gavin and Erin Richardson, 106 Pembroke Ct., Hendersonville, $640,000.


Fred Howell to Jimmy and Anita Thompson, 115 Gravel Ln., Portland, $150,000.

David and Elizabeth Henderson to Lorrir Hayes, 102 Gentry Dr., Portland, $192,000.

Joseph and Faith Irwin to James and Olympia Clark, 124 Beaver Creek Dr., Portland, $215,000.

Jack and Debra Pennington to Andrew Getter, 266 Meadows Rd., Portland, $135,000.

John Wilkinson to Bryan and Alyssa Dixon, 107 Tanesha Ct., Portland, $210,000.

Flex Drive Properties to David Graves and C & G Properties, 107 Flex Ave Units A & B, Portland, $846,000.

Jasmine and Dylan Sherrell to Joe and Kayla Beck, III, 216 Middle Dayle Dr., Portland, $190,000.

Benjamin and Megan Gardner to Jerry Russell, 403 Lyon Dr., Portland, $272,900.

Craig Coates to Jasmine and Dylan Sherrell, 178 Parker Rd., Portland, $307,900.

Scottie and Tiffany Fisher to Elbert Sweat, 1006 Chris Dr., Portland, $137,500.

Douglas McGowan to Charles and Terrie Ragsdale, 107 North Nikki Dr., Portland, $263,000.

White House

April and Brock Loy to Brandon and Ashley Etheridge, 116 Cambria Dr., White House, $335,000.

Kimberly and Jeffrey Blackford to Jann and Deborah Martenson, 108 Landons Cir., White House, $273,500.

Adam and Margot Driver to Charlotte and Taylor Cash, 171 Telavera Dr., White House, $299,900.

Justin and Tawanna Pullin to Kevin Crawford, 119 Sycamore Dr., White House, $163,000.

Lorraine and Derek Harris to Sean and Sarah Tempesco, 111 Hunterwood Dr., White House, $257,000.

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