William Yocum to Katelyn Collier, 119 Mount Vernon Church Rd., Bethpage, $203,500.

Castalian Springs

Bobby Hurt to Katelyn Willis, 1130 Wynnewood Dr., Castalian Springs, $145,000.


Darrel and Jeanne Mullins to Alda Simonetti, 1700 Hickory Trace Dr., Gallatin, $362,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Jeff and Stacey Heaser, 1132 Kennesaw Blvd., Gallatin, $319,900.

Christopher and Randi Townsend to Nicole and Troy Farmer, Jr., 339 Hathaway Ln., Gallatin, $305,000.

Troy and Ashlen Farmer to Edgar Zarate and Kimberly Garcia, 1039 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $240,000.

Brandon Cox to Lee and Tammie King, 18 Old Hwy 31 E, Gallatin, $200,000.

Paul Johnson to Brianna and Blake Simmons, 835 Mesa Verde Pl., Gallatin, $328,900.

NVR Inc and Ryan Homes to David and Melissa Rawls, 319 Oakley Dr., Gallatin, $356,654.

Karen and Charles Purcell to Michaela Cleveland, 2246 Hwy 31 E, Gallatin, $356,900.

Lisa and Roy Byrd to Anne Jones, 107 Bluewater Dr., Gallatin, $271,500.

Roy and Sharon Davis to Kyle and Tiffini Kelly, 988 Brooklawn Dr., Gallatin, $505,500.

Eric and Tressa Alexander to David A. Childress Trust for Craft Family Trust, 625 Neals Ln., Gallatin, $381,125.

Avondale Farms LLC to Old Hickory Hockey LLC, 2375 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, $1,350,000.

Fred and Ruth Yates to Brian Harris, 818 Plantatin Blvd. Lot 97, Gallatin, $100,000.

Halcomb Homes LLC to Roy and Sharon Davis, Jr., 970 Westbrook Dr., Gallatin, $499,950.

Bank of America to Joshua an dsusan Bohannon, 1451 Calgy Dr., Gallatin, $390,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Physhantia Anderson, 1003 Fenner Ln., Gallatin, $440,000.

Lloyd and Kathy Andrews to Blake and Kimberly Blumenthal, 1162 Lake Marie Rd., Gallatin, $325,000.

Amanda Dean Successor Trustee of 127 Trousdale Avenue Trust to Andrew McGregor, 127 Trousdale Ave., Gallatin, $125,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Heather Krull, 1703 Foxland Blvd., Gallatin, $504,990.

Charles and Lisa Porter to Kristin Fields, 1014 Grider Dr., Gallatin, $362,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Benny and Carolyn West, 1123 Westgate Dr., Gallatin, $289,235.

Jay and Nancy Skibinski to Michael and Allison Baggett, 1115 Livingfield Court, Gallatin, $655,000.


Christopher and Heather Muldoon to Sean and Janel Ginsberg, 122 Brookview Cir., Goodlettsvile, $328,750.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Candice and Robert Cunningham, 396 Old Stone Rd., Goodlettsville, $407,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to John and Camille Gressman, 490 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsvile, $389,990.

Bari A. Brooks Executrix of the Estate of Harold R. Bradley to Robert and Carol McKeithen, 828 Caldwell Dr., Goodlettsville, $355,000.


Weekley Homes LLC to Deborah and Daniel McElwee, 476 Abington Dr., Hendersonville, $429,065.

Weekley Homes LLC to Colt and Laura Furnald, 488 Abington Dr., Hendersonville, $469,990.

Michele Brown to Lane and Erin Bridges, 126 Waters Edge Ln., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Armando Jimenez and Francita Diaz to Sherlynn Suitor, 123 Hillwood Dr., Hendersonville, $280,900.

Debra Derrberry Executrix o the Estate of Royce E. Womack to Jerry Richardson, Jr. and Susan Snowden, 102 Rock Castle Ct., Hendersonville, $338,000.

Michael Cothern to Geraldine Gurdian and Juan Hernandez, 127 South Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $239,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to James and Kiersten Castro, 551 Lingering Way, Hendersonville, $437,915.

Timothy and Paige Lankford to Michael Rice Trustee of the Michael T. Rice Trust, 1035 Heathrow Dr., Hendersonville, $480,500.

Shane and Amy Scott to Shelby Arwood and Daniel Benz, 104 Stonehollow Way, Hendersonville, $319,900.

Ryan Cullen to Gary and Carole Heft, Jr., 103 Troon Ct., Hendersonville, $330,000.

Star Homes LLC to Sharon Jones, 104 Carol Dr., Hendersonville, $273,150.

Douglas and Gretchen Hardaway to Teresa McCormack, 110 Herman Harrison Rd., Hendersonville, $310,000.

Nacole Bradley to Seth Neal and Victoria Peck, 105 Cedar Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $200,000.

Rock Properties LLC to Lawrence Oginbene, II, 124 Rebecca Dr., Hendersonville, $239,000.

Meaghan Spruill to Richard Lee, 114 Redbud Dr., Hendersonville, $314,000.

Andrew and Casie Lehman to Meaghan Spruill, 123 Settlers Way, Hendersonville, $386,000.

Celebration Homes LLC to Tommy and Suha Dabit, 1574 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $521,191.

Michael Brown and Stephen Brown to Brandon and Mary Girardin and Jacob and Caitlin Girardin, 137 La Plaza Dr., Hendersonville, $170,000.

Donald Oldhausen to Richard Krout and Angela Cox, 103 Hidden Way Ct., Hendersonville, $895,000.

Carol Bourque to John and Bridget Stec, 123 Cedar Ridge Ln., Hendersonville, $445,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Carol Bourque, 1758 Avant Ln., Hendersonville, $345,000.

Wilma Lance to Matthew and Cara Hoesly, 196 Vintage Cir., Hendersonville, $310,000.

Elizabeth Olson to Callan Westenberg, 129 Pin Oak Dr., Hendersonville, $273,000.

Kirby and Julia Johnson to Brandon and Lisa Alfriend, 134 Roberta Dr., Hendersonville, $267,500.

Weekley Homes LLC to Carol Napoletano, 105 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $349,990.

Lawson and Daria Bair to Andrew and Jennifer William, 157 Ruland Cir., Hendersonville, $399,900.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jefferson and Flora Tant, 1598 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $375,990.

Rodney Long and Kevin Weakley to Stephen Gussman and Lisa Kierman, 156 Grove Ln. S, Hendersonville, $325,000.

Pulte Homes Tennessee LimitedPartnership to Bethan y and Joseph Miles, Jr., 418 Norman Way, Hendersonville, $430,565.

Troy and Risa Tatum to Katelyn Bowler, 107 Woodyside Dr., Hendersonville, 4231,000.

Walter and Sharon Unger to Janeen Henderson, 115 Championship Pl., Hendersonville, $498,000.

Mary Hunt to Christie Russell, 127 Chippendale Dr., Hendersonville, $249,900.

Brent Beltron and Amy Rains to Curtis Slike and Cassandra Hampton, 1086 Avery Trace Cir., Hendersonville, $420,000.

Gail and Johnny Williams to Eric and Tressa Alexander, 1415 Newmans Trail, Hendersonville, $280,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Eric and Amanda Loos, 571 Lingering Way, Hendersonville, $408,272.

SPH Property One LLC to Jessica and Mohit Jain, 416 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $330,000.

Amanda Dean Successor Trustee of 100 Deerpoint Ln Trust to Mary Hunt, 100 Deerpoint Ln., Hendersonville, $165,000.


777 LLC to Patrick and Allison Sandy, 207 Hester Rd., Portland, $193,900.

Shawn King to Robert and Tammy Harned, II, 209 Onslow Dr., Portland, $238,000.

Andy Regg to Maricela Lozada and Jose Ruiz, 147 North Harris Ln., Portland, $85,000.

Laura A. Whiles and Matthew C. Clubbs, Co-Administrators of Timothy Lee Clubbs, deceased to Boyd and Andrea Hill, 5846 31 W Hwy, Portland, $166,000.

Southland Builders Tennessee LLC to Rafeal and Wanda Lopez, 1770 Hwy 259, Portland, $269,900.

Samantha Hill to Henry Hopper, 736 Lear Rd., Portland, $208,000.


Tony and Summer Tuck to Hunter Medrano, 1909 Jackson Hwy, Westmoreland, $50,000.

Matthew and Cara Hoesly to Shawn King, 1648 Old Gallatin Rd., Portland, $314,932.

William Hunt, Jr. to Alex Irkliy, 101 Dogwood Spring Dr., Portland, $452,075.

White House

Richard and Debra Hamilton to Nathan and Tonya Smith, 444 Marlin Rd., White House, $76,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Cary Glenny and Tammy Bowyer, 245 Bexley Way, White House, $295,635.

Melinda Wunder to Logan Skelton and Christa Wilkinson, 105 Sunnyhill Trail, White House, $197,000.

Jimmy and Brenda Brown to Anthony Destephano, 105 Bridlewood, White House, $190,000.

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