Kristin Pearson and Toby York to Michael and Jessica Yancy, 2553 W Mt. Vernon Rd., Bethpage, $180,000.

Castalian Springs

Lloyd and Kathy Andrews to Amy Ross, 1002 Arbor Dr., Castalian Springs, $242,000.


Alston Properties LLC to Darien and Elizabeth Spann, 600 S Tunnel Rd., Gallatin, $269,900.

Jeffrey and Kira Cleveland to Jeffrey Atchison, 108 Drayton Downs, Gallatin, $470,000.

Donna Corbin and Erica Hill, Sr. to Jayson Pomeroy and Melissa Engelhart, 1200 Robbie Ln., Gallatin, $350,000.

Darryl and Faye Helton to Lori and Jason Miles, 148 Hampton Pl., Gallatin, $247,500.

Jared and Keaton Armstrong to Amy Jent and Sean Smith, 157 Hitchcock Ave, Gallatin, $174,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Wayne and Vickie Cornwell, 146 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $358,917.

Eastland construction Inc. to Joel and Mary Daum, 1017 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $514,900.

Larry and Sandra West to Eugene Hynok, 156 Gayle Ave., Gallatin, $224,900.

Joshua and Susan Waugh to William Ellison and Amber Wendler, 1044 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $251,900.

Fairways Properties to Phillip and Amanda Wilson, 1188 Potter Ln., Gallatin, $180,000.

Craig Wood and Jan Trippi, Individually, and as Trustees of all Trusts Created under the Shaifer Family 1995 Living Trust u/a/d  March 2, 1995 and all amendments thereto to David Weber, 564 Smoky Mountains Dr., Gallatin, $265,000.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Joshua and Debora Bond, 1547 Foxland Blvd., Gallatin, $790,000.

Mark and Elizabeth Walker to Danny and Jennifer Blazier, 1585 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $975,000.

Melissa Bradley to Master Renovating & Wholesaling LLC, 120 Coles Ferry Rd., Gallatin, $132,000.

Leonard Ballou to Louie and Nancy Belt, 120 Nogs Garden, Gallatin, $690,041.

Jackson and Megan Greene to Kayla Stein, 1009 Edgewood Dr., Gallatin, $159,900.

Paul and Shauna Green to Wade Grindle, 1145 Woodvale Dr., Gallatin, $232,000.

Gary and Michele Carrier to Jeffrey Oakey and Laura Sneddon, 102 Gaston St., Gallatin, $575,000.

Andrew and Audrey Finney to Gary and Michele Carrier, 0 Douglas Ln., Gallatin, $139,900.

Kacey Shinton to Polly Shinton, 1022 Robert Lee Dr., Gallatin, $297,000.

Charles Miller Robertson, Jr. Executor of the Estate of Helen Marie Robertson, deceased to Claude Stagg, Jr. and Juliana Canaan, 1250 Windsor Dr., Gallatin, $649,900.


Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Romney and Steven Shelepak, 103 Long Hunter Dr., Goodlettsville, $408,996.

Frank Hemphill to HES Investment LLC, 1274 Louisville Hwy, Goodlettsville, $188,000.

Douglas and Rebecca Hicks to Copper Creek Properties LLC, 1522 Hwy 31 W, Goodlettsville, $120,000.

Claudia Bloodworth Davis, Trustee of the Marian Bloodworth Schablik Trust u/a/d August 8, 2001 to Patricia Deloach, 100 Placid Grove Ln. #303, Goodlettsville, $197,000.


Wayne H. Harris, Administrator of the Estate of Katherine Hudson Talley to Damon and Tonya Walls, 1075 Mount Olivet Rd., Hendersonville, $55,000.

George Moss to Johnathan Day, 103 Elissa Dr., Hendersonville, $232,000.

Matthew and Amy Murphy to Jonathan Seaman and Barbara Shoemake, Co-Trustees of the Seaman-Shoemake Family Revocable Living Trust Agreement, 182 Berrywood Dr., Hendersonville, $334,900.

Judy Merritt to Lindsey and Jared Stuffle, 102 Lakeside Park Ct., Hendersonville, $199,000.

Dorothy Barton to David and Sarah McKeel, 100 Jamestown Pl., Hendersonville, $250,000.

Andrea and Tyler Hirth to Joshua and Susan Waugh, 121 Otter Glenn Dr., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Alberto Diaz, III and Luzangela Correa-Diaz to Geoffrey and Michelle Edwards, 127 Shiloh Ridge, Hendersonville, $400,000.

David and Wilma Edmonds to Gerardo Macias and Maria Olaez, 115 Greenyards Pl., Hendersonville, $196,000.

Angela and Paul Dibrito to Charles and Kimberly Agin, 115 Lake Vista Dr., Hendersonville, $319,000.

Alcy B. Baggott, IV  and Miranda Baggott  to Marc and Lisa Ramsey, 1012 Atchley Ct., Hendersonville, $379,900.

Wendy and Anthony Fili to Justin and Hayley Maurer, 231 Connie Dr., Hendersonville, $331,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Mekesha and Ruben Montgomery, 1395 Center Point Rd., Hendersonville, $635,900.

Guy and Dana Snider to Meredith Cebelak, 110 Herons Nest Ln., Hendersonville, $343,900.

Amy Ross to Jeffrey and Kimberly Johnson, 1012 Gannett Rd., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Open Door Property C LLC to HPA US1LLC, 1025 Avery Trace Cir., Hendersonville, $360,000.

Dalamar Homes LLC to Jennifer Dumas and Brian Demoy, 125 Ervin St., Hendersonville, $409,670.

Betty Chester and Barbara Duke, Heirs at Law of Eunice w. Wheatley Estate to Jacie Rush and Darren Fryar, 104 Evergreen Cir., Hendersonville, $184,900.

Dillon and Abigail Davis to Rebecca and Carl Pitzer, 115 Holly Dr., Hendersonville, $220,000.

William and Patricia McElroy to Irvin and Johnnie Parish, 170 Maple Dr., Hendersonville, $320,000.

Michael Douglas Johnson, Devisee, James William Jackson, Devisee, Laura Michelle Jackson Steele, Devisee, James William Jackson, Executor of The Connie Ruth Ritchie Estate to Jana Freeman, 121 Laurel Ln., Hendersonville, $192,500.

Frank Batson Homes Inc. to David and Hope Geyer, 145 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $524,673.

Global Real Estate Education Network to Jonathan Lee, 116 Vulco Dr., Hendersonville, $150,000.

Trudy Hayes to Allen and Katherine Payne, Jr., 117 Paxton Dr., Hendersonville, $268,500.

Capitol Homes Inc. to Christopher and Hannah Butler, 118 Manor Way, Hendersonville, $379,289.

Jeremy Spindler to Michael and Sarah Sharpnack, 122 Louann Ln., Hendersonville, $202,000.

David Lankford, Barbara Shell, Michael Lankford to Leanna McKee, 213 Ivy Dr.,Hendersonville, $172,000.

Derek and Jessica Williamson to Julie and Taylor Blaetz, 116 Mansker Park Dr., Hendersonville, $324,000.


Baggett General Contractors to Matthew and Norma Sneed, 1027 Founders Ln., Portland, $335,000.

Connie Lovell and Connie Johnson to Josh Terry, Trustee of the 207 Austin Drive Trust, 207 Austin Dr., Portland, $75,000.

Alberto and Kristin Prado to Jerome and Courtney Scharklet, 137 Alice Smith Dr., Portland, $175,000.

Samuel and Christa Elliott, Jr. to Mason and Makenzie Rawls, 102 Fawn Ct., Portland, $170,000.


Angela Price to Dale and Denise Millikan, 1115 Park St., Westmoreland, $83,000.

White House

Spencer and Kristen Owens to John and Katy Hurt, 204 Morgan Trace, White House, $265,000.

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