Trump March 26

Trump said 27,000 Mexican soldiers are on America’s southern border.

He spoke today with the leaders of the G20 nations and the nation’s governors.

Trump thanked the Senate for passing the “largest economic relief package in American history,” the $2 trillion stimulus. The House needs to pass the bill.

The stimulus has loan forgiveness to businesses that keep workers on the payroll, expanded unemployment benefits with full salary for four months and direct payment to people. There is a ban on corporate stock buybacks and executive bonus abuse. It more than doubles money for disaster relief, and it rebuilds the strategic stockpile for personal protective equipment. There is $1 billion for Defense Production Act procurement.

FEMA is shipping out millions of personal protective equipment (PPEs) units.

The USNS Comfort, a Navy medical ship, will leave Virginia Saturday for New York and arrive Monday. The ship will serve as “surge capacity” for New York hospitals.

The National Institutes of Health and FDA along with the private sector are working on new treatments. Different medicines are being tested.

Trump said he remains committed to returning people to work.

A reporter asked Trump about high unemployment numbers of about 3.3 million. He said that is not surprising. That will turnaround once the nation beats the “hidden enemy” and people return to work.

Trump was asked if the U.S. passed China on having the most coronavirus cases. Trump said that the reporter does not know the numbers, but if it is true, he attributes that to all the testing the U.S. is doing.

A reporter said it has been suggested 3 percent of restaurants have closed for good, and that could grow to 11 percent in 30 days. Trump said he knows the business. “It’s a very tough business.”

Trump said he has used the Defense Production Act on “two minor occasions,” but does not need it for the most part because manufacturers are agreeable on shifting production to create medical devices. He was asked what the instances were, and he said the administration would provide that later.

A reporter asked if cruise liners should get stimulus relief when they are registered out of the nation. Trump said it is hard to think about doing that, but they do have workers based here and suppliers here.

He was asked if Boeing should receive help, and he said the nation cannot lose the aircraft industry.

Vice President Mike Pence said 10 major disaster declarations have been made, including New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Illinois.

The pending stimulus bill would give some families $3,400 and payroll assistance to small businesses to keep workers on the payroll even if the company is currently closed.

Abbott Laboratories is creating a point-of-care test that is nearly ready.

A new test is a swab test where the patient does the test himself or herself, eliminating the need for a health care worker to do it. That reduces the risk to the worker and saves the use of PPEs.

Medical supplies are being shipped out to states, including 9 million N95 masks and 6,000 ventilators.

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