Portland Police car

A Portland teenager placed under house arrest for 39 counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, five counts of extortion, and five counts of stalking was arrested at his home on Saturday and taken to the Sumner County Juvenile Detention Center.

He was charged with 10 more counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, one additional stalking charge, and one additional extortion charge.

The case will remain in juvenile court because of current state laws. The state legislature is being asked to correct situations like this.

Three officers who arrived at his home on Saturday, were met with strong resistance from the teen’s mother, who would not allow them into the house. According to Lt. Detective Jason Arnold, she cursed and screamed at them until finally the teenager came out of the house and was taken into custody.

The teen had been instructed to only have access to a computer to do school work and to have no contact with any social media outlets. Arnold said that almost immediately after being placed under house arrest, he made contact with a girl.

According to reports, the teenager would obtain explicit pictures of girls from former boyfriends and threaten to put them on social media. Arnold said he would tell the girls to give him what he wanted - that he would not go away. He would add that they couldn’t get rid of him.

A father came to the Portland Police Department in February 2019 to report the situation. Immediately, the police got the TBI and FBI involved. The cases were reported in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The teenager had several covert accounts. He used Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to disguise who he was. Arnold added that the police in each state kept coming to dead-ins on finding his identity because of his skill at hiding his footprints.

He was first arrested by the Portland Police after several students went to the School Resource Officer who immediately turned the case over to them. The Bowling Green Police Department got a lead when a victim identified the teenager.

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