Highland Rim

A Portland senior apartment complex – Highland Rim Terrace - has confirmed that at least three of its residents have tested positive for COVID-19. They are also reporting two deaths involving individuals that had underlying health issues.

In his daily updates posted to Facebook, Portland Mayor Mike Callis confirmed the information Saturday afternoon.

“I talked to the director this morning and it appears they have at least three confirmed COVID 19 – tests,” Callis said.  “They also had a couple of residents pass away in the last week – we think one last night. He has one resident that is in the hospital (who) has tested positive.”

Callis said the facility is currently on lockdown and has been told by the health department no one is to come in or out.

The Portland Sun reached out to the director at Highland Rim Terrace on Saturday morning, who said he would be glad to speak about the situation if he could get clearance from the state health department.

However, after three attempts to speak to two different people at the state level, no one was willing to give a consent.

According to a resident at Highland Rim Terrace who wished to remain anonymous, one of those elderly residents at the complex died close to two weeks ago. Residents are being told the death was related to COVID-19.

“The virus was part of it,” the anonymous source said. “We have one resident that is currently hospitalized and has been diagnosed. There’s about seven others that are sick, but have not been diagnosed (with the virus).”

This falls on the heels of a Gallatin nursing home where a COVID-19 outbreak was identified last week.

On Friday night, 24 residents of a Sumner nursing home – Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing – were transferred to Sumner Regional Medical Center – some who tested positive; others who were showing symptoms. On Saturday, the hospital announced that one of those patients had died.

Also, on Saturday, the state mandated on-site testing of the remaining residents in the Gallatin facility, as well of every employee there. Serve Pro was also brought in to conduct a thorough cleaning of the facility. At least one resident of the facility has told The Portland Sun that additional residents have been transferred to Sumner Regional.

Callis, who has been doing a live daily update for Portland residents, has been the only official in Sumner County yet to share specifics on the number of positive COVID-10 tests, even though those numbers are evolving constantly.  On Friday, he said of the cases so far confirmed in the county, it was believed that around 10 of those cases are in Portland.

“We don’t know all the details - it’s difficult to get that out of the health department with some of the HIPPA laws,” he said. “All the test results are not in yet, it’s hard to tell.

“We are going to get through this – I’m looking for brighter days. Let me encourage you if you don’t have to be out, don’t – stay home.”

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