Jennifer Anglin

Jennifer Anglin

Vacations are so fun and something that most people enjoy. Being able to get away from your regular routine is a refreshing change of pace that can improve morale almost every time. Unless, that holiday is to Disney and then you need a vacation to recover from the vacation. One theme I always find to be true is there is no place like home. It’s always good to get home. 

Being faced with my own mortality several times as I battle in a war against Covid-19 that has ravaged my body, I have realized that we are here on this earth on vacation. Our entire existence is a vacation. One day we will go Home. Each of us has hope and a purpose to live out here on this earth and impact as many people as we can come in contact within our days here. This isn’t something we need to worry about, or plan into our day. It is something that we ARE. We were created to be us-uniquely us. By simply being us going about our day, getting our Starbucks, and getting involved in our routines, we impact others. 

How we impact others is our choice. We can choose to be light or darkness. We can fight to be right, or enjoy the peace that comes from only fighting for what matters in the end-people. If you want to be upset about something there is a TV station that will do just that for you, no matter what upsets you. If you get upset about the destruction of natural resources, there is literature at your fingertips that will say exactly what you were thinking and validate every whim. Don’t like chocolate? 

There is a group on Facebook for that where you can meet with others who share your hatred for chocolate. Technology and algorithms will ensure that what you like will end up in your feeds. There is even a new dating app called Haters. People are finding compatibility partners based on what they hate?!  True story here in 2021. We can stroke those fires of hatred and negativity or we can choose to stroke the fire of light and love. 2020 seemed to be a year where we stroked negativity, hatred, and division more than love, joy, and peace. 

Here is the solution-Wake Up and Be Willing. That’s it. It’s that simple. Isn’t that what we do on vacation?  Wake up and be willing in anticipation of what the day will bring? Friends, we are on vacation!  Every day!  Be open to new opportunities and let us not overthink. Go about your day willing to enjoy every moment even though you despise looking in that shop your wife loves, but you love her and enjoy seeing her happy. Go to work and be the light there even though you don’t care for your boss but you enjoy the food your family eats because of the money you make at that job. 

Mend fences, swallow pride, be the salt of the earth because we are here on vacation to spread love and light. One day we all will die, but on every other day, we will live. 

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