Students arrested after photo with gun taken

A social media post showed the gun at SCHS. SUBMITTED

Three Station Camp High School students were taken into custody on Friday, Jan. 11 after school officials learned a student allegedly took a photo with a gun in the school’s bathroom and posted it on social media the day before.

According to Sumner County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Tommy Greer, his office began investigating on Jan. 11 when someone alerted the school of the social media post.

The Portland Sun obtained the photo independently of the Sheriff’s Office.

It shows a hand with dark red fingernails holding a semi-automatic pistol with the following words, “tf I look like Ian finna play wit y’all hoes [smiley face emoji] y’all betta go wit y’all move [woman shrugging emoji].”

Greer said the student who posted the photo, a 17-year-old female, was identified and taken into custody immediately. Two other students, a 16-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, were identified as suspects after other photos and a video surfaced, according to Greer. All three students were arrested at the school on Friday.

Deputies were then sent to each student’s home. The gun, a Ruger pistol, was recovered at one of the students’ homes, according to Greer.

Greer said a magazine could be seen in the photo but he didn’t know if the gun was loaded when it was at the school. Either way, it’s against the law to bring a gun on a school campus, he added. Greer said the teens were placed in juvenile detention the same day they were arrested and still remain there.

All three teens are charged with possession of a firearm on school property. The male is also charged with resisting arrest, according to Greer, who is a School Resource Officer supervisor for the sheriff’s office.

“We take any rumor of a weapon at a school extremely seriously,” he added. “We got wind of this and we made three arrests within just a few hours. We don’t mess around with this kind of thing.”

Station Camp parents received an email on Friday regarding the incident.

“It was reported to our administration this morning that a student made a post on social media yesterday that appeared to show them with a gun in a school bathroom,” says the email from SCHS Principal Art Crook. “Our administration and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office immediately took the student into custody and began an investigation.”

Crook goes on to say that as a result of the investigation, a gun was recovered off campus and three students were taken into custody. He also said the students will face disciplinary action.

According to SCS Spokesperson Jeremy Johnson, disciplinary action includes a 10-day suspension followed by a hearing. At the hearing the students could either be sent to the school district’s alternative school, R. T. Fisher, or expelled from the school system.

Crook also reminded parents to encourage students to tell their teacher or administrator if they hear something that concerns them about school safety.

“Student safety is our number one priority here at Station Camp High School,” he said. “Parents and students are a crucial part of our team. Please continue to help us in our efforts to ensure SCHS is a safe place for our staff and students to work and learn.”

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