Front Porch Senior Living owner Angela Bell doesn’t accept any excuses when residents want to do something out of the ordinary.

She has taken her residents to the Portland airport where manager Doug Hunter took six for flights over the city.

When a resident expressed an interest in bowling, she arranged for four of the residents to visit a local bowling alley for a few games. During the pandemic, they wear masks and practice social distancing on their field trips.

Weather is a big topic of conversation at the Front Porch, where many wanted to see a snowfall. Recently, when Portland had a beautiful snowfall with very large snowflakes, Bell didn’t waste any time getting a few of the residents outside to let them experience the snowfall. While they were resisting by saying it was cold outside, Bell and her staff were getting them ready to go out.

When Dorothy Sullivan was rolled outside in a wheel chair by employee Shirley Heredia, her hands flew up in the air as her face showed her excitement when the snowflakes began falling all around her. 

Clara Liken took time to put on a hoodie before she braved the snowstorm. The expression on her face was full of happiness as she watched the snow fall on her.

Bell posted the pictures of the two ladies on Facebook and got over 2,000 hits.

A woman from Virginia called Bell crying happy tears at seeing the ladies outside and not being locked in during the pandemic.

“I love what I do. I want our residents to live life and enjoy life as long as they are able. I don’t make excuses for what they can’t do and I don’t let them make excuses. We just do it,” Bell said.

Bell is secretly planning to take the residents to Dollywood - doing a fundraiser to make it happen. If anyone would like to contribute to the trip, a donation can be made on PayPal, through the U. S. Postal Service, or by bringing directly to 115 Sunset Place. Bell can be contacted by phone at 615-559-8982

            Front Porch Senior Living is for people 55 and older who need assistance with their everyday needs and is private pay. Currently, Bell has one bed available for a male.

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