John Rose

John Rose

Congressman John Rose (R – Tenn.) was recently appointed to the United States House Committee on Financial Services.

“It is a great honor to represent Tennesseans on the Financial Services Committee,” said Rose. “I look forward to the great task ahead, which is steering our country’s finances, commerce, and industry in the right direction for the American people. For too long, burdensome regulations have plagued our country and we have failed to put Americans first. It is time to stand up for job-creators, empower community banks, and work to create lasting reform that will decrease the federal government’s footprint.”


“I am absolutely thrilled John will be joining Financial Services. His leadership comes at a critical time for our country’s prosperity,” said Tommy Whittaker, president of The Farmers Bank, which serves Sumner and Robertson counties. “John’s a strong fiscal conservative, pragmatic businessman, and well-versed in the challenges community banks face. He will bring Tennessee’s common sense approach to solving these challenges. John understands small business owners because he is one and he understands the financial decisions Americans make when raising a family because he has a young family of his own. I am proud the Sixth District will be well-represented on such a powerful committee.”

John Rose represents Tennessee’s Sixth District in the 116th United States Congress. He and his wife, Chelsea, operate their family’s Century Farm, as well as his small business. Congressman Rose earned his M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University.


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