Former Portland resident Susan Bullington Prater has published her first children’s chapter book featuring Jade and her mischievous puppy.

Prater writes under the name Suzie Bee, similar to the nickname Sue Bee she had growing up.

The first book in the series Jade Talks is titled Puppy Shenanigans in the Laundry Basket. It is a story of three friends and the trouble their puppies get into while Jade’s mother is hosting a book club.

The children get distracted while playing a board game and the puppies go unnoticed, as they wreak havoc with a clothes basket full of clean clothes.

The story line creates a character who is respectful of her parents and other adults, as well as with her friends at a time when there is a growing interest in helping children practice good manners and respect for others.

It is refreshing to see a character who doesn’t react with sarcasm and rudeness throughout the book.

Prater said, “I have always been interested in writing children’s books. I began with a picture book series which I titled, the Timmy and Hanks series. Before I published that series, I turned to writing chapter books for late elementary and early middle school age children.”


Prater plans to write more books in the Jade Talks series and the Timmy and Hank series in the coming year. Her current book is available online. Prater has an author website at www.SuzieBee.info. Prater lives in Oak Island, NC.     

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