Portland Police Chief Jason Williams recognized members of his department at the recent BOMA meeting. From the left — Chief Williams, Kyle Brown, John Pszenitzki, Tanner Craddock, Blake Conyer, Victoria Eye, Ebram Azer, Blake Riley, Ty Wilson, Derek Fondren, Carlos Cruz, Chris Arthur.

Portland Police Chief Jason Williams recognized members of the Portland Police Department for their outstanding service at the April 19 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Williams stated that he had waited until the council was meeting in person rather than making the presentations on a Zoom meeting. The awards were based on performance statistics.

Williams also recognized the families in the audience who had come in support of the various officers being recognized.

The award for Most Calls for Service went to Officer Tanner Craddock, Most Citations Award went to Officer Derek Fondren, and the Most Arrests Award went to Officer Blake Riley.

Seven officers were recognized for saving the lives of overdose victims by administering Narcan/Nalaxone. Sgt. Chris Arthur and Officers Ebram Azer, Kyle Brown, Carlos Cruz, Victoria Eye, John Pszenitzki, and Blake Riley. Officers Azer and Riley were recognized three times for the award.

Officers Blake Riley, Kyle Brown, Blake Conyer, and Ty Wilson received an award for First Aid Resulting in Preservation of Life.

Williams said at the presentation, “I would like to thank these officers for their hard work all year. As I said last year, it is difficult to single out (one) officer when we have a lot of people who deserve to be singled out. I want to take a moment, as well, to talk about the entire police department, as a whole, and their performance last year.

“It’s easy to look back now and look at the pandemic and what we didn’t know at the time. These officers suited up every day without complaining and walked into unknown situations not knowing if they were going to get sick, aside from the other dangers they faced every day.”

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