The Moye-Green House. FILE

The Portland History Museum came closer to a reality on Nov. 2, when the city council passed a resolution to grant temporary use of the Moye-Green House as a place to preserve local history.

Mayor Mike Callis acknowledged vice-mayor John Kerley’s efforts to preserve the history of Portland by describing him as a champion of local history, as well as a great servant. A museum has been a vision of Kerley’s and others for a long time.

Portland citizens have been storing items that they would like to donate to a museum when a safe and secure place was established. The city has a long and interesting history of over 160 years.

The anticipated completion of the renovation of city hall in December will open up the Moye-Green house as offices are moved to new spaces. Callis said he hopes that the interest will continue and the city will need a bigger space for the museum in the future.

City Historian Dr. Nathan Shadowens said, “I’m really excited about the recent decision of the city council. The historic Moye-Green House is a great location with ample parking and adequate floor space for Portland’s historical artifacts. We are grateful for this exciting opportunity that lies ahead. Stay tuned.”

The Portland Preservation Foundation is continuing work on the restoration of The Temple Theater, and the banquet room has now been opened. Plans for the completion of the theatre is progressing. The revitalization of Main Street continues to be successful. Preserving the history of Portland is alive and active.

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