Richard Salcido writes a historical fiction book based on the lives of Uriah, King David, and Bathsheba from Second Samuel in the Bible.

Local author Richard Salcido has written a historical fiction book based on the story of Uriah, David and Bathsheba from Second Samuel in the Bible. 

The story includes a love triangle, betrayal, and warfare. According to Salcido, the concept for the book began 15 years ago, but life got into the way and he kept putting off writing the book. 

Uriah contains some life lessons spread throughout the book. Amid a book written about the betrayal of a friend, Salcido wants the readers to come away from the read realizing that people count more than achievements and to recognize the importance of family. He wants people to understand that good has to confront evil. He also encourages people to do good things in their own space that each small act of kindness and love can touch those around you. 

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in business management from California State University in 1988, he entered the U. S. Army as a commissioned officer serving in the military police. In that position, he was responsible for the accuracy of military police reports, writing training manuals and lesson plans for officer basic courses. 

After retiring from the military, his career has included various types of writing for several companies where he was employed. These tasks included writing training manuals for a transportation company and ghost writing letters, memorandums and emails for the president of a small corporation in the construction industry.

In 2018 Salcido assisted Vietnam War veteran and pastor Herbert Mays in writing He, Me, and My Donkeys. His next book will be a biography of a veteran who suffered physical and emotional wounds from his service fighting in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Salcido was so moved by the number of people who came great distances to attend his funeral that he had to write his story.

Uriah can be purchased from online book companies or ordered from local bookstores. Since there are many uses of the name Uriah, it is necessary to search for the book under the author’s name.

Salcido and his wife Carol live in Portland. They have three children.

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