Friends of Old Fountain Head Cemetery have been forced to make it a walking cemetery because of recent dumping on the grounds.

Despite the successful efforts of the Friends of Old Fountain Head Cemetery’s (FOFHC) clean-up day last June, people continue to dump trash on the grounds. 

During the clean-up volunteers took between seven or eight truckloads of trash to the city dump, as they worked all day along with the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2177 of Portland. But since then, people have continued to dump unwanted items on the grounds.

Recently, someone dumped a load of wooden fence pieces in the back of the cemetery grounds. This required a volunteer to take his time to remove the trash and take it to the city dump. In addition, cars have been seen coming and going into the cemetery grounds at unusual times.

This prompted the FOFHC to put up a chain barrier to prevent people from driving directly into the cemetery. Visitors now must park their cars outside the barrier to walk into the cemetery. 

Becky Jennings said, “In spite of our efforts, people continue to disrespect the cemetery and use it as a site for dumping and illegal activity. We hope to curtail, if not put an end to this by making it a walkable only cemetery. It’s really sad that it’s come to this; but for now, that’s the reality.”

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