Tippy Toes Nail Spa owner Rhonda Hardin (left) gives Janet Zimmerman a pedicure and manicure. BONNIE FUSSELL

Editor’s note: This is the third and last in a series of businesses reopening in Portland.         

Nail salons in Portland have been overwhelmed with clients calling for appointments, especially pedicures. Many clients haven’t been able to get a salon since March.

Tippy Toes Nail Spa owner, Rhonda Hardin said she has rearranged her shop to allow for social distancing; and customers are required to make an appointment. When customers arrive, they wait in their cars until the manicurist is ready to serve them. When entering the salon, clients have their temperatures taken and must wash their hands. There is a five to 10-minute wait between clients so each station can be sanitized.

Hardin said, “There were a few hiccups at first, but now it’s natural as we have gotten used to it. We don’t feel overcrowded and don’t have people waiting to be served. I know who is coming in, and I can give them what they want and get them out with less frustration from many waiting to be served. Tippy Toe Nail Spa is located at 508 South Broadway.

Nail First owner Danh Huynh is also taking the precautions set out by the CDC. Huynh said they are being very careful and sanitizing for customers safety. The salon is located at 304 South Broadway near Food Lion.

Bebe Cao, owner of Nail Envy, said she is taking every precaution to see that customers and manicurists are safe. Masks are required and the shop has provided for social distancing and Plexiglas shields have been installed at each station. Nail Envy is located at 112 South Broadway in Portland Village.

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