The Portland community has a new business on Main Street. Lexie Young and her brother Jason Young recently opened Main Street Nutrition, a business that features nutritious teas and milkshakes.

The specialty teas are low in calories and carbs, while having 17 grams of protein, and they have no sugar. They are full of protein and collagen. Several of the specialty teas have local names such as Panther Pride and Southern Strawberry.

The loaded teas have three varieties named Pom-Berry, Orange, and Tropical. Under each variety there are several flavors available with unique names. The loaded teas have several add-ons for the customer to choose such as fiber, collagen, and probiotics.

There are over 15 varieties of milkshakes, which are posted as a meal replacement with 24-27 grams of protein and low in carbs and sugar. Some of the creative names for the milkshakes are Brownie Batter, PB&J, and Elvis (vanilla/chocolate).

Lexie is a May graduate of Western Kentucky University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, and she lives in White House. Jason lives in Cross Plains and is a lineman for NES.

Lexie became interested in the nutritious drinks when Jason began drinking them and lost 35 pounds. She began working at White House Nutrition to learn more about the product and began to believe in the product.

Lexie said, “The owner of White House Nutrition was a mentor to me. I worked there and trained getting to know the product. I made sure I had tried every product.”

The shop has a welcoming decor which was designed and decorated by Lexie’s sister-in-law Kecia Young.