A reception was held at Weatherstone Family Wellness recently to welcome Dr. Zachary Logan to Portland. From the left: Carl Fussell, PA Greg Glover, Logan, and Dr. John Weaver. BONNIE FUSSELL

Dr. Zachary Logan has joined the staff at Weatherstone Family Wellness. He became interested in family medicine while doing his rotations during his residency in Mobile, Ala. because he liked having a connection with patients and their families.


When he got more and more into his rotations, he found he enjoyed each field of medicine that allowed him to get to know his patients - pediatrics, adult medicine, and dermatology. He said he enjoyed seeing the families. He didn’t like having to read about them from a chart. 


During his rotations, he began writing one little thing he and a patient had talked about on a visit, so he could make a connection the next time that patient came in. He discovered that in a family practice he could see children and adults and get to know them. 


Logan spent 26 years growing up in Michigan. After his graduation from Dow High School in Midland, where he played football, soccer and track, he enrolled in Michigan Tech for his undergraduate degree. He began his medical studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. After he completed his study there, he accepted a residency in Mobile, Ala.


Logan married Rachel Cooper and once they had two children, they realized it would be good to live close to his family, who had moved to the Johnson City, Tenn. area. 


They looked at the Nashville area for a place to settle down with the two boys Elijah (21months) and Levi (8 months). Hendersonville seemed to be a happy mix for them. They both love to run and recently ran the half marathon in Hendersonville and plan to run a half marathon at Disney in February. The family enjoys trying out different restaurants and are pleased with the number of restaurants that have choices for vegetarians. Rachael is a nurse, but is taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom. 


Logan said he likes it at Weatherstone because it has a family atmosphere, “I appreciate how welcoming they have been and how nice it is to be here. They told me that they had been praying for whoever came to Weatherstone. I feel God brought me here, and put us here perfectly. My wife feels the same.”


He joins family nurse practitioners Ashlea Lamberth and Lisa Nazarenus at Weatherstone. The office is located at 307 South Broadway Blvd. in Portland.

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