Austin Kirby

Local resident Austin T. Kirby has joined The Shifflett Law Firm located at 120 Main Street. Kirby is a 2012 graduate of Portland High School and received his Bachelors of Arts and Science Degree (2016,) and Law Degree (2019) from the University of Tennessee. He passed his bar exam during the summer of 2019.

Kirby began practicing in Nashville shortly after passing the exam. As he worked on broadening his caseload, he began working in wealth management and estate planning. He began meeting with other attorneys in Nashville to build a network. One of the attorneys suggested that he look to his home town for contacts.

Kirby took this advice and made phone calls to local lawyers to introduce himself. Clark Shifflett answered one of his calls and invited him to come to the office to talk. After a long conversation that went well, Kirby became aware that Shifflett had recently placed an ad for an associate and thought Kirby was applying. The conversation ended with Kirby being offered the position.

“I couldn’t have asked to work with a more intelligent, honest lawyer than Clark Shifflett,” Kirby said. “His family has made me feel at home while simultaneously teaching me to be a better lawyer. It’s probably the best thing for my career, like winning the lottery, only with more paperwork.”

The law firm is in general practice and welcomes anyone to come by the office, if they have a legal issue or question. They can give counsel and advice to help clients understand the legal language they might not be familiar with. Several of the areas they primarily practice in are wills, trusts, advance planning, estate planning, litigation, family law, and criminal cases. The law firm does not work with bankruptcies or tax issues.

Kirby is married to Kaiti Mezera, now Kirby, from Spring Hill, who is currently doing an internship in mechanical engineering and will return to Lipscomb University in the spring to finish her degree. His parents are Portland residents Steve and Kelly Kirby.

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