Jared Britt

Dr. Jared Britt has purchased Dr. Wayne Long’s dental practice. He is currently a partner with Chris Givens at Horizon Dental Partners in White House. After two years as an associate, he became a partner at the beginning of 2020. He will continue with Horizon, but the Portland office will be a separate dental practice with him being the owner.


Britt grew up in Portland and is a 2006 graduate of Portland High School. He graduated from Lipscomb University in 2010 and received a master’s degree there in 2013. He attended Dental School at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and graduated in 2017.

After a period of reorganizing, the office is now open again under the ownership of Britt. A receptionist is at the office five days a week. Dental hygienist Kay Keen, who has been with the practice for 37 years, will continue working with Britt. He will be at the office on Fridays, and is hoping to expand to having a dentist there full-time, five days per week.

While the office will offer general dentistry, Britt has done an extra residency in implants. The goal in Portland will be similar to the White House office, which is to offer a variety of dental treatments for their patients under one roof.

Some things in the office will be changed to go along with the way Britt was taught. For example, he will do digital x-rays rather than film. According to Britt, the changes he will make go along with changes in technology and are not better than what Long did, just coincide with the technology he learned in dental school.

He became interested in purchasing Long’s practice because of the reputation Long has in Portland.

“Dr. Long has a reputation in Portland of being a phenomenal dentist and being a good person. Whenever you think of dentists in Portland, people in Portland associate the name Dr. Long,” Britt said. “I’m from Portland and I know the majority of people in Portland or am at least an acquaintance or know their names. Many people know my family. I’m not an outsider coming in.”

Britt enjoys being outdoors and continues his life-long love for hunting and fishing.

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