Mayoral candidates: Why they want the job

Portland mayoral candidates Beverly Watson and Mike Callis both had meet and greet events on Thursday evening, Aug. 23. Watson’s event was held at Crafton’s Red Barn, while Callis held his at Milo Cafe Coffee Shop.

Watson told the group that she has a passion for Portland and that she wants it to be a place the citizens can be proud to call home in addition to being a place where they can feel safe and be comfortable.

She said that Portland needs a mayor and a council that has a vision to guide Portland with sustainable growth and to vet potential growth so that it improves our quality of life and not just growth for the sake of growing. She mentioned the many assets that make the Portland area very desirable. 

Callis also expressed his passion for Portland. He stated that public safety is really big and at the forefront of his life; explaining that there cannot be a sense of community without public safety.  He added that public safety will have benefits to everyone. He also emphasized the importance of transparency in government.

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