David Ross announces candidacy for Congress

David Ross

My name is David Ross and I am announcing my candidacy running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 6th District. I am the Libertarian candidate for Rep and would be honored to represent everyone from any political party.

The reason I am running is because I have had enough of all the lying, cheating and stealing going on in Washington DC. We have tried the Democratic and the Republican leadership plans and they both have failed our country, as well as the rank and file members of their own parties. The U.S. House of Representatives was supposed to be the house of the common man, instead it is the playground of millionaires, and those who seek to be.

Let’s put an end to increasing tyranny and the constant degradation of freedom. Remember, one should never grant the government a power you wouldn’t want in the hands of your worst enemy. We need to restore the power to the citizens by holding the political establishment responsible for betraying the people.

It is my opinion that many of the leaders of both parties have been in Washington DC for far too long, and have forgotten who they represent. How many Congressional leaders know the pain of losing a job, working multiple jobs to keep your head above water? How many politicians have had to decide which bill to pay first when they’re running low on income? Do they really care? Or are they just good at convincing you that they care?

If elected, I will have a strict open-door policy for my constituents. My intention is to listen clearly to the citizens of District 6 to ensure their values are brought to Washington.

Based on performance alone, neither of the two major parties deserve your vote. We have a national debt of 18 TRILLION dollars, the social security trust fund is empty, our endless wars have killed millions while tens of millions are displaced, over twenty veterans commit suicide every day, and we have locked up 3.25 million of our fellow citizens for mostly non-violent crimes. Together we can work at reducing the deficit so we don’t leave the next generation with the debt we ran up. I believe it is time for the people stand up and set things right because I think we can do better than this.

However, neither party could have made this mess all by themselves, both parties caused this mess. Today, we need a complete and thorough audit of spending by all departments, government programs and all other social spending. We need to find out what spending works and what doesn’t, where can we make improvements or eliminate some programs altogether.

The only way to fix the problems in our nation’s capital is to get the money out of the hands of elected officials. Give the money we spend on education, health care, transportation, as well as any other departments back to the state level departments and let’s see if they can do better. We need to give the states the power to manage the money as they see fit with no strings attached. I pledge to do whatever I can to reign in the size and scope of government.

The issue constituents mention to me the most is their frustration with the corruption in Washington. Not to mention, it seems to be that the anger is directed at both Democrats and Republicans. The people have lost faith that the elected officials care about them and their plight. Until we send a message to Washington that we will no longer accept a government that does not listen to us, we will continue to be abused. I volunteer to be the messenger and the shot across the bow to the establishment politicians. The political parties who fail to keep their promises to the voters, should be held accountable. 

Learn more about my campaign at www.davidvsdc.com.


-Submitted by David Ross

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