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Local author Barbara Russell was on WQKR recently talking about the devotional book she wrote and published called “From My Heart to Yours.” BONNIE FUSSELL

Local resident Barbara Russell has written a devotional book titled From My Heart to Yours. 


Russell began writing devotional articles when she attended Jesus Reigns Fellowship in Cottontown by writing a quarterly newsletter which included a personal devotional on the back page where she chose the title Jesus Reigns Heartline. 


Later, she turned to social media to share her devotionals and these make up the majority of her book.


Russell didn’t use a fancy filing system to save her articles. According to Russell, she just tossed them into a drawer. When she finally decided to collect them in a book, she just went to the drawer, pulled the devotionals out, and began compiling the book.


She said she worried about the cost of self-publishing. She wasn’t writing the book to make money, but to leave her family a legacy of what she stood for. 


She discussed this with a close friend Mary Lou Stewart, who offered immediate help. Stewart’s son, Dr. Randall Stewart guided her through the process, she said. 


The book is dedicated to her three sons and opens with her Christian testimony. Before she begins the devotionals, she tells of one of her life changing experiences which continues to impact her today. 


The devotionals don’t use names or make political statements, rather they express her spirituality. She takes everyday experiences to give a spiritual meaning to each one most often relating a Bible verse at the end.


The books are $8 and there is an extra $3 shipping and handling charge. She can be contacted through FaceBook at Barbara Russell or at 615-325-1647.


Russell served as Portland Library Director for over 30 years. She began in July of 1980 and retired in July of 2013. She is a member of First Baptist Church of Portland.

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