Brittany Vaught addressed the city council regarding flooding in her yard during heavy rains.

Cora Street residents Brittany Vaught and Lacey Brown addressed the Portland Board of Mayor and Alderman on July 15 to discuss the continuing flooding of their yards during heavy rains.

According to Brown, the flooding comes in like a river from a field behind their houses from the Heritage Subdivision area. Her driveway washes out each time, she said. Vaught told the BOMA that her storage shed is often flooded and the current of the water has been strong enough to move her lawn mower across the yard into a fence.

Brown added that standing water has caused a serious mosquito problem.

The Stormwater Department has consulted with Civil Environmental Consultants (CEC) to study a solution to the flooding at Cora Street and Heritage Drive. On June 17 Engineer Eric Gardner gave a report to the BOMA at the work study session regarding the progress of that study.

Gardner’s first suggestion was to replace the existing culvert on Cora Street with a 12-inch box culvert because the existing culvert is too small for the amount of water coming through during heavy rains. Other improvements would be to regrade the channel upstream and downstream to assist the flow of water to Summers Branch, he said.

The flood prevention on Heritage Drive would include constructing a swale (channel) between lots at 105 and 107 Heritage Drive to direct the stormwater runoff to a culvert under Heritage Drive.

Gardner said the concept the engineering firm has designed is good. He suggested moving forward to finish the design, bid the project and apply for permits. An early estimate on the cost of the project is between $200,000 and $250,000. The BOMA has not reached a final decision on the project.

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