Every school year, each of the Sumner County Schools’ faculties choose a teacher who has exhibited outstanding teaching skills and leadership.


The year is chosen for elementary grades K-5, middle school grades 6-8, and high school grades 9-12. 


####Pic of Missy Calvert here


Watt Hardison Elementary School - Sarah Hammonds - Special Education 


Principal Phyllis Gilman said, "Mrs. Hammonds is the perfect example of a dedicated teacher. She has patience that never ends. Sarah represents all the wonderful things a teacher should be. She displays love for her students and all students at WHE."  





North Sumner Elementary School - Julie Templeton -Second Grade


Principal Terry Herndon said, “Since starting her teaching career with us, she has developed into a fine teacher. She is a great school person and team member. She has become a great asset in mentoring new teachers in the primary grades."


Oakmont Elementary School - Missy Calvert - Fourth Grade


Principal Bryant Brewer said, "Mrs. Calvert has a love of learning and fosters that in the students she serves.  Missy is a Sumner County native and has taught 10 years in the Sumner County School system. Oakmont was blessed to have her join the Oakmont family three years ago, Missy is a valuable asset to the success of our school and community."



Clyde Riggs Elementary School - Nancy Coker - Kindergarten 


Principal Melissa Robbins said, "Nancy Coker is an excellent educator. She strives every day to support all students in her classroom. She holds high expectations for each of her students and supports them to be their very best. Nancy also encourages her students as they learn how to cooperate and make friends in the Kindergarten classroom. Her students know that she cares for them and she ensures they are a part of a safe and caring community. She is an integral part of Clyde Riggs Elementary and is held in high esteem by her friends, parents, and colleagues."



Portland Gateview Elementary School - Kelli L. Mink - Kindergarten


Principal Timberly Denning said, "Kelli L. Mink is Portland Gateview Elementary's 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. She is a Gallatin High School Graduate and has 16 years of teaching experience. Ms. Mink is dedicated to teaching the whole child. The care, concern and academic excellence she brings to the classroom each day provides her students with high quality instruction. She is an amazing educator."



J. W. Wiseman Elementary School - Trenady Freeman - Third Grade Teacher and Math Demonstration Classroom Teacher



Principal Sabrina McClard said, "Trenady Freeman is our teacher of the year. She is a 3rd grade teacher and Math Demonstration Classroom Teacher. Mrs. Freeman is a skilled teacher with a heart for changing lives. She puts student relationships first and focuses on educating the whole child. She works hard to push all students to achieve their best. She has high expectations for herself and her students. Mrs. Freeman is an asset to our building, students, and school system.” 



Portland High School - Katie Hickman - Biology and Special Education 


Principal David Woods said, "Katie is a fantastic teacher and member of the PHS faculty. She works extremely hard to make sure all of the students she works with are taken care of and set up for success at Portland High School. She also serves as Special Education Department chair, so she works closely with our nine other special education teachers and 14 assistants to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.”







Portland East Middle School - Julie Williams - U. S. History



Principal Jackson Howell said, "Julie Williams is the 2019-2020 Portland East Middle School Teacher of the Year as nominated by her peers. Julie is a wonderful teacher that brings her US History classroom to life every day for her students. All of our teachers do a wonderful job, but our eighth-grade students and parents are blessed to have Mrs. Williams touch their lives.



Portland West Middle School - A. J. Whitten - Social Studies - Assistant Football Coach


Principal Shelley Cooper said, "Mr. A.J. Whitten is Portland West Middle School’s Teacher of the Year. Mr. Whitten is an exemplary social studies educator who takes great pride in providing his students with academic and personal feedback that propel them to success. He also serves as West’s Assistant Football Coach and on our Leadership Team. The impact that his positive nature has on students is contagious."

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