Jeremy Mansfield (2)

Jeremy Mansfield

Members of the county commission will have until Aug. 15 to change their current email to the new, mandatory government – issued address, ‘’ and comply with the agreed upon policies.

The policies listed on a commission distributed document are as follows:

- Each department must use only approved Sumner domains for its websites and email. County commissioners and all employees will be assigned an IT approved email with a .gov address. Government business shall be conducted with the new county .gov email address.

- These emails are for business use and are not to be used for personal or political purposes. Any usage of the email is subject to open records requests.

- Effective Aug. 15, 2019, all county commissioners are to conduct any county business using their designated county email to send or respond to official matters; personal emails are not to be used for county business. While a county commissioner cannot control to what email a matter is sent, the response must be made from their official county email address if the inquiry contains any county business.

- The requirement to use only approved .gov domains does not apply in circumstances where the agency is a user or customer of a third-party website or service that resides on a non-Sumner County domain. Elected officials or offices which have such approved domains should assess as necessary, if remaining on such site is in the best interest of the county.

- The approved domains list should be limited to as few domains as possible. If any additional domains are used, such should be something that passes through the IT department and has a .gov over any other domain.  A. (will be in place for the next two years allowing its slow decommission.) B. (this is the new default web and email domain for anything official).

This was voted into effect at the July 15 meeting. Commissioners had previously used personal email accounts to conduct county business but this was questioned by Commissioner Jeremy Mansfield and reported on in a September 2018 issue of the Hendersonville Standard.  

The matter resurfaced at the Feb. 11 legislative meeting and the IT Department was in the process of changing all county domain names to The committee voted that commissioners would be assigned the email after the project was complete and that it come before the full commission at that time so the domain names would match.

This resolution came to the floor of the May 20 meeting, where it was referred back to the legislative committee. A tech usage ad hoc was unanimously formed at the following month’s meeting.

Members of the committee are Caroline Krueger, Loren Echols, Deanne DeWitt, Mansfield and chairman Luke Tinsley. They met for the first time on July 1.

“I wanted a little more oversight of things that were going on because I had a lot of concerns with the way that it was discussed in the main commission meeting,” Tinsley said.

He voiced concern about the language of the document and the enforcement of these policies, of which there are no such measure.

Currently eight of 24 commissioners are using the email address.

The next tech usage ad-hoc meeting is on Aug. 5 at 4 p.m. in room 112 of the county administration building and will also discuss the use and purchase of equipment to video committee meetings.

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