Adjoining property owner Don Fleming supported the BOMA re-visiting the zoning of property on TGT for a proposed subdivision.

Just when the residents thought the denial of the rezoning for the proposed subdivision on TGT Road from R-40 to RS-15 was settled, Portland Vice-Mayor John Kerley requested at the July 1 meeting of the City of Portland Board of Mayor and Alderman that it be revisited.

Kerley’s no vote at the BOMA on June 17 put him on the prevailing side. It takes one member from the prevailing side to request another look at a vote. Kerley’s request called for the BOMA re-visit the proposed rezoning change at the Aug. 5 meeting with residents of adjoining property being notified

Residents Trudy Crafton, Jody Harris and Randy Gilliam addressed the council asking them not to pass the resolution. They cited that TGT Road could not accommodate additional traffic because it was too narrow and that adding that number of residents to the area would create traffic congestion as residents tried to get onto TN-109.

The residents also said they felt that the additional number of houses would increase the flooding and sewage issues in the area.

Adjoining property owner Don Fleming spoke in favor of the change in zoning stating that he would like to see his property developed in the future.

            Planning Director Richard Donovan told the council that the development would not be cost effective for the city if it were developed with R-40 zoning. It would require at least an RS-15 for the city to collect enough taxes to pay for the services required.

            After a lengthy discussion, the BOMA voted to approve Kerley’s request to revisit the rezoning decision at the August meeting. The vote was 5 to 2 with Kerley, Aldermen Megann Thompson, Drew Jennings, Brian Harbin and Mike Hall voting yes and Aldermen Jody McDowell and Thomas Dillard voting no.

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