TGT Road resident Randall Hinton addressed the city council asking that the rezoning for a new subdivision on the road not be approved.

The rezoning request for a proposed subdivision on TGT Road was voted down on second reading after several residents expressed concerns at the June 17 city meeting.

The vote was 4-2 with aldermen John Kerley, Thomas Dillard, Jody McDowell, and Drew Jennings voting no and aldermen Brian Harbin and Mike Hall voting yes. Megan Thompson was not present.

Resident Randall Hinton expressed concern about the flooding that occurs on TGT Road as well as the road being undersized for the expected increase in traffic the subdivision would create.

Hinton said he feared a gridlock in the mornings and afternoons when school was in session with residents trying to get onto State Route 109. He also expressed concern that TDOT by-pass plans for the area to have TGT Road becoming a cul-de-sac leaving it with one exit to State Route 109. He encouraged BOMA to go look at the property before they voted.

Trudy Crafton complained that the neighbors were not informed that the subdivision was on the agenda when it was passed on first reading. She said the city didn’t have the resources to take on that many residences

TGT Road resident Daniel Shaub expressed concern about the road conditions. He said his mailbox had been knocked down four times and the power pole near him had been hit multiple times.

Subdivision developer Brandon Frank told the council that he was financially prepared to address the road in front of the property and the flooding issues. He described the subdivision lots being from 2,400 to 2,700 square feet in size and the home costs ranging from $275,000 to $325,000.

Kerley said he couldn’t go forward unless the water and sewer were dealt with properly. He also expressed concern for those who have lived on the road for years and still do not have sewer.

City Engineer Bryan Price said developing this subdivision could help with the stormwater situation, as well as possibly help the current residents on TGT Road get sewer. He added that the developer would be required to make improvements that would address flooding and that the storm water work planned for Cora Street would have a positive effect on the area.

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