Fuzzy Knight

Ninety-one-year-old Fuzzy Knight’s motto is the George Jones song “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair.”  

He is serious about not needing a rocking chair because every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning he can be found at Xtreme Fitness working out for two hours with his friends.

In 2011, he had triple by-pass surgery and was in the hospital 34 days. His doctor told him that he was in for a long period of therapy. He went faithfully to his therapy at a Gallatin hospital for two weeks, but one day on the way home he was driving by Xtreme Fitness and decided to see what they had. When he walked into the building, he discovered that they had the same equipment he was using at the Gallatin facility.


His neighbors, Jim and Claudean Williams, encouraged him to join and offered to take him when they went. Knight said with a chuckle, “Why not, I’ve got the time and the insurance picks up the tab.”


Knight takes breaks during his workouts and socializes with his friends. When the group is walking on the treadmills, someone will come up with a subject to talk about and they all join in the discussion. According to Knight, somebody will know what is happening in Portland so they keep up with the latest news.


Knight, who is known for his sense of humor, said, “One day I was walking in front of the treadmills. I heard a woman say ‘Who is that old fellow? He’s wobbling. I think he has had a drink.’ One of my friends told her that I was 91 and I had a right to wobble.”


Knight has always been active. He retired from TGT after 40 years. During the summers, he always had a garden in his back yard, which was recognized as one of the best in Portland. He raised corn, eggplant, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and peppers. His wife, Mable, was known for her beautiful flowers, which he helped her with.

Xtreme Fitness owner Brandon West said, “I just wish people would be more like him and be more proactive and exercise for years and years and years. It pays off in living a longer and more enjoyable life.”

Knight encourages everyone to get into a regular exercise program and stick with it. If you started the new year resolved to be more physically fit, continue on. If you have let the new year’s resolution slip, get back on track. You are never too old to have an exercise routine.

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