Young teen crafts own business

Lily Specht displays some of her crafts she sells at Lil’Grace Creations. BONNIE FUSSELL

At just 13, Lily Specht has organized her own business to market crafts. She named her business Lil’Grace Creations and markets them on Etsy, social media, and at craft shows.

One of her first craft shows was the Portland Country Christmas Craft Show at First Baptist Church.

Lily makes polymer clay charms of many things such as desserts, mini-books, and animals. She has a line of duct tape wallets of all sizes and designs. She also uses her seamstress skills to make headbands which are a big item at craft shows. She has plans to start decorating phone cases and is also skilled at baking cakes and other desserts.

Lily said, “You can use the charms for many things. They can be used on zippers, planters and on charm bracelets.”

She began her business two years ago selling on her webpage. Then she opened a shop on Etsy, which is an online store for crafters. She stepped into the craft show circuit in 2017 when she had her first booth with a home school group. 

“I call myself a crafter at heart,” she said. “I use most of my brain for crafts.”

One of the goals for her business is to have a large group of charms that she can sell quickly and to get 500 followers on her social media page. She dreams that someday she will own a boutique which features her own creations.

She is getting good experience for now with Lil’Grace Creations. Her business is self-sufficient and she is able to purchase supplies to make new items from her sales profits. She also manages her own business bank account.

Her mother Kari smiled as she said, “I’m so proud of her. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she figures it out. I want to be like her when I grow up.”

She is the daughter of Mark and Kari Specht. She has two brothers Sam, 16, and Eli, 15, and one sister Olivia, 7.

Her craft and bakery items can be seen on social media at Facebook @ Lil’grace Creations, Instagram @lilgracecreations, @Lil’Grace Creations, and at

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