Members of The Portland Fire Department presented Maverick Cochran with the “Citizen Hero Award” at the May 17 meeting of The Portland City Council for his heroic efforts to get medical attention for his mother, From the left — Chief Sam Thornton, Captain Jeremy Conner, Maverick Cochran, Engineer Tyler Trammel, Firefighter Brandy Nuckels, and Firefighter Jair Hawkins.

Seven-year-old Maverick Cochran was awarded the “Citizen Hero Award” by the Portland Fire Department at the May 17 meeting of the City Council.

On Jan. 26, around 11 p.m., Maverick heard his mother fall out of bed and quickly recognized that she was having a medical emergency. His quick action is credited with saving her life

When he couldn’t find a phone to call 911, he immediately thought about using the family’s Amazon Alexa. He asked Alexa to call a family member to call for medical assistance.

When the fire department arrived, Maverick met the firemen at the driveway and escorted them to his mother’s location. He was able to tell them how long it had been since she had fallen, and he was able to give the firemen other important medical information.

The firemen discovered the Maverick was also making sure his two brothers, ages four and 11 months were all right.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Shawn Tyson, Maverick’s innovative thinking, use of technology, quick reaction, and calm response to a stressful situation saved his mother’s life.

The award ceremony was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic until the city council was having in person meetings again.

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