Book Room project

Watt Hardison Elementary School Principal Phyllis Gilman accepts a check for $1,000 from Mayor Mike Callis to help fund the book room project for teachers and students.

Watt Hardison Elementary School Principal Phyllis Gilman was given a check for $1,000 from the City of Portland at the June 17 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman for shelving for a book room project that the school is undertaking.

The council became aware of the need when the Leadership Portland group visited the school and learned of the project. The school was in need of money for shelving and books to make the project happen.

According to Gilman, the book room will have books for students and teachers when ready. Teachers will be able to find professional books to check out to enhance their teaching skills. In addition, the room will be stocked with book sets of the same title for teachers to use with their students.

The school will also take donations of books for children who may not have many books at home. Those will not have to be returned.

Mayor Mike Callis presented Gilman with the check. He encouraged anyone who might like to get involved helping with this project to contact the school.         

Callis said, “Let’s get this room up and going.”

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