You probably know that the Purple and White (booklet) was put out by students of the Portland Seminary/Sumner County High School as far back as 1910.

The first hardback annual was published in 1946. It was called “The Panther” and was dedicated to Mrs. O.M. Moore, or “Miss Marie” as she was fondly called.

The faculty members were Charles O. Jett, Lawrence Bradley, H.L. Gregory, Florence Hunnicutt, Sara McNeill, Mrs. T. E. Booker, H.H. Bryant, Mrs. W. T. Hardison, W.A. Kirby, Reba Strother and Mrs. O. M. Moore.       

There is a page in this annual for the Senior Class Will, Class Prophecy, Senior Class History, a page of Who’s Who, and the Class Poem.

Senior officers were Donald Reddick, president; Robert Collins, vice-president; Dorothy Dorris, secretary, and Jimmie Neal, treasurer                                                                              

List of seniors - Nellie Andrews, Harold Brown, Corinne Colley, James William Cook, Camilla Jean Cummings, Leslie Raydene Barnard, James A. Brown, Robert Collins, Fred L. Creasey, Jimmie Cummings, Charles Deasy, Maynard Deasy, Will Austin Donoho, Dorothy Jane Dorris, Jane Dunn, William Fleming, Lorene Freeland, Jean Freeman, Geraldine Freeman, Maxine Freeman, Charles W. Gourley, Robert Ervin Grantham, Lois Gregory, Eva Nell Groves, J. C. Hagan, Geraldine Hanna, Anna Ruth Hardin, Thomas Harper, Barbara Harris, Louise Hayes. Charles Hendrix, Ruth Marie Henson, Irene Hunter, George W. Kepley, Hilda Key, Betty Sue Lane, Billy Lane, Ava Carol Link, Jimmie Neal, Donald Ray, Donald Reddick, Nell Reed, Frances Stewart, Lavinn Stinson, Betty Jo Swiney, Lovie Taylor, Dorothy Whitley, Thelma Sue Wilson, Ruth Woodall.

I won’t list the names, but there are pages of Junior, Sophmore and Freshmen Classes with the officers pictured too.

There is a page with pictures of the Beta Club, the Purple Herald Staff, Majorettes, Band Members, National Forensic League, Glee Club, Cheerleaders, Football Team, Boys Basketball Team, and Girls Basketball Team.

There are also two pages of collage pictures, a page of business ads, and an Autograph Page. McQuiddy Printing Company of Nashville printed the book. We have one 1946 Sumner County High School annual in the Bailey Museum at the Portland Public Library and I know of only one other 1946 annual in existence.

Paula Shannon is a member of the Highland Rim Historical Society.

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