Bobby Hinton credits being happily married 70 years to his bride Marie Williams Hinton to always doing what she tells him to do; but those that know them feel they were destined to be together. 


They came from very different backgrounds. Bobby had grown up in Mitchellville on a farm, while Marie had grown up in Nashville and went to work at Life and Casualty Insurance Company after her high school graduation. 


They met on a blind date set up by Mary Taylor White, one of Marie’s co-workers who lived in the Mitchellville area.


They dated for four years with limited time for dating since they lived so far apart and farming was so demanding. They would go to church, drive around, or visit on dates. 


Marie remembers the proposal clearly. Bobby simply asked her if she thought she would like to live up here, meaning Mitchellville. They were married at her parents’ house in Nashville on Oct. 24, 1949. Her sister Nina Williams was her maid of honor and Jimmy Heath served as Bobby’s best man. 


After a brief honeymoon visiting well-known places in Kentucky such as Lincoln’s log cabin and WigWam Village, they settled down to farm life in Mitchellville. For a short period of time they lived with his parents while the construction of their small two-bedroom house was being finished next door. 


She didn’t do much cooking at that time, but became a great cook known for her homemade desserts and biscuits, which the family named “little biscuits.”


Marie jumped into farm life right away, stripping tobacco as a young bride. She helped Bobby raise tobacco, corn, and wheat. They owned a few dairy cows and it became her responsibility to milk the cows for the milk they sold. They would join the neighbors to kill hogs where she would help prepare the meat. They always had a big vegetable garden with fresh vegetables on their table during the growing season or vegetables they had canned for the winter. 


There was little need to go to the grocery store even though they remember three groceries in Mitchellville in the early days of their marriage. They remember the truck peddlers coming by selling various item such as candy or Watkins products. 


They always got up early every day and went to work. In July when things slowed down on the farm, they would take vacations. The Hinton’s have traveled to all 50 states visiting landmarks in each state such as Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. They took several overseas trips where they toured England, France, Italy, Egypt, and the Holy Land. 


Both Bobby and Marie are 90 years old. Referring to their age, Marie said, “The Lord has been good to us to still be together.”


The Hintons have three children, Janet Hinton Grogan, Bruce Hinton, and Tracy Hinton. They have five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. There are five living generations of the Hinton family. 


They have lived in Mitchellville and have attended Mitchellville General Baptist Church all their married life. Bobby has served for many years as a deacon at the church.

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