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Fourteen Sumner County Schools were designated Reward Schools recently by the Tennessee Department of Education following the release of TNReady assessment results.

Students in grades 3-11 are tested each year in May in core subject areas that include math, social studies and English/language arts.

Reward schools are generally those that see improvement in achievement and growth for both all students and designated student groups.

Sumner’s 2019 Reward Schools are:

Clyde Riggs Elementary

Dr. William Burrus Elementary

Jack Anderson Elementary

Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek

Lakeside Park Elementary

Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Nannie Berry Elementary

Oakmont Elementary

Robert E Ellis Middle

Station Camp Elementary

Station Camp High School

T. W. Hunter Middle School

Walton Ferry Elementary

Westmoreland Elementary

Under the state’s accountability system, districts must increase achievement levels for all students and show faster growth in achievement for the students who are furthest behind.

Several metrics that were included in district accountability for the first time in 2018 included English learner proficiency assessment data, chronic absenteeism, Ready Graduate data, science data, and the requirement of a 95 percent ACT or SAT participation rate.

Seventeen Sumner County Schools also achieved Level 5 status - the highest possible under the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System that measures student growth. Those schools are Clyde Riggs Elementary, Dr. William Burrus Elementary, Gallatin High School, George A. Whitten Elementary, Guild Elementary, Jack Anderson Elementary, Joe Shafer Middle, Knox Doss at Drakes Creek, Lakeside Park Elementary, Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Nannie Berry Elementary, Robert E. Ellis Middle, Station Camp High School, T.W. Hunter Middle, V.G. Hawkins Middle, Westmoreland High, and White House Middle School.

Sumner County Schools TVAAS data shows strong performance in English, math, science, and social studies, according to Scott Langford, Sumner County Assistant Director of Schools for Instruction.

Overall, the district achieved a 5 in the areas of overall composite, literacy, numeracy, literacy and numeracy, and social studies.

The district also achieved level 5 growth in ACT Composite, ACT Math, and ACT Science. District elementary and middle schools achieved a level “5” score in ELA and Math.

“Our team of teachers, principals and central office staff are working collaboratively to ensure we improve,” said Langford. “Our students and teachers continue to work hard, and our success as a district is a direct reflection of their achievement.”

Individually, schools are rated as Reward schools, Priority schools, Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools, Priority Exit, Targeted Support and Improvement schools, and Additional Target Support and Improvement schools (ATSI). Sumner had 14 Reward schools and one school, Joe Shafer Middle School, was designated a ATSI school.

Sumner had no priority schools - those who are in most need of support and improvement.

Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI) schools, a new federal designation for schools that need particular focus on student group performance, can receive the designation one of two ways, according to the Department of Education:

            •           They received an overall school accountability score of 1.0 or less on the state’s new accountability framework AND rank in the bottom five percent for at least one accountability student group (i.e., black, Hispanic, and Native American students; economically disadvantaged students; English learners; and students with disabilities), or

            •           They rank in the bottom five percent for two or more student groups

Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek received ATSI designation in 2018, but was named a Reward School this year.

“Our ATSI designations stem from subgroup performance in the bottom 10 percent of the state,” Langford noted. “Knox Doss last year demonstrated how focus and hard work pay off for our students, achieving reward school status. Shafer Middle School was a composite 5 on TVAAS last year, showing growth across the boards. We are confident that we will see a similar jump from Shafer next year as their teachers have a deep commitment to achievement and growth.”

Districts overall are rated as Exemplary, Advancing, Satisfactory or In Need of Improvement.

For the second year in a row, Sumner received an Advancing designation. It was named an Exemplary school district in 2017.

Statewide, students are performing better in almost all math subjects, according to state Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn.

Scores also show that 56 percent of the schools in Tennessee improved their growth scores (TVAAS scores) from the previous year, with 41 percent of all schools earning a level 4 or 5 TVAAS rating - which measures year-to-year growth.

Other state highlights include:

            •           High school geometry students achieved the largest increase of all TNReady math scores (a 5.9 percent increase over 2018)

            •           Algebra I scores showed a 3 percent increase

            •           9th grade students across the state improved scores by 7.4 percent, while 10th grade students did slightly better with a 7.5 percent improvement over 2018

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