Days Gone By Museum has an amazing collection of antique tractors, buggies, fire engines and wagons along with many antique, vintage and classic cars, but Joey Collins’s recent purchase of an award-winning 27 Ford Roadster stands out as quite an addition.

Collins had his eye on the car for some time, since he first saw it for sale on eBay. While he didn’t bid on the car, he did call the owner and made an offer. He bought the car in late January.

The car was built in the early 1950’s by Allen ‘Bing’ Crosby when he was a young man in his twenties living in Texas. Crosby had kept up with the car over the years after he sold it. He learned of Collins’ purchase and contacted him to ask if he could come for a visit to see the car again.

The 86-year-old made the trip to Portland recently and spent two days at the museum.  

According to Crosby, he bought the front of a 27 four door Ford Touring car at a junk yard. The back of the car had caught on fire and wasn’t usable. Later he heard that there was a 26 Ford coupe that had run off into a ravine and couldn’t be brought out. 

Crosby decided that was what he needed for the car he wanted to build. He climbed down the ravine with a hammer and chisel in hand in below freezing weather to get the back half of the snow covered car. 

When he finished designing the car, it had the front of a 4-door model T 27 Ford Touring car with a 26 Ford coupe in the back with a 409 Chevy engine. 

He named the car “Daddy Rabbit,” which has been featured on more than 15 magazines and has won 30 car show trophies. 

When the car arrived at Days Gone By Museum, it was in several pieces and looked like the previous owner had just stuck it together. It had a black primer coat of paint on it. Collins took six weeks to put “Daddy Rabbit” back together with quality materials and to paint it to its original look.

Collins said, “I like old school. This man built this car and that doesn’t happen anymore. It will stay right here as long as I have my feet on the ground.”

The car is on display at Days Gone By Museum located at 122 Davis Street, Portland.

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