Ball drop

Portland Fire Chief Al West looked down from bucket of the ladder truck as Assistant-Chief Sam Thornton spilled the golf balls.

The Portland Chamber of Commerce recently held the annual fall tournament at the Dogwood Hills Municipal Course with 10 teams and 40 players. The winning first flight team was The Farmers Bank with Old Hickory Credit Union coming in Second. The first place second flight team was Unipres with Lea Investments taking second place.

A golf ball drop was a new event this year which drew a lot of attention. The chamber sold approximately 150 golf balls which were dropped from a Portland Fire Department ladder truck. Fire Chief Al West and Assistant-Chief Sam Thornton dropped the balls after being lifted up in the bucket. The person whose name matched the number on the ball closest to the hole shared the proceeds from the sale of the golf balls. Roman Howard was the winner.

President and CEO of the Portland Chamber of Commerce Sherri Ferguson said, “I love being able to have the resources to host our fall golf tournament at Dogwood Hills. The city has worked hard to improve the course and the greens, and everyone noticed.”

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