The Portland Library is one of 14 non-profits that will receive help from city in the upcoming year.

Fourteen non-profits will receive donations from the City of Portland for a total of $78,625.

The city donates to these organizations which provide a wide range of needed services in Portland.

New to the list is Restoration of Maple Hill Cemetery, which is receiving $1,700. It was discovered recently that the city had been paying for security street lights for a number of years at the cemetery.

The Board of Mayor and Alderman decided the best way to handle this situation was to suggest that the organization apply for a non-profit donation from the city. The amount allocated to the organization is close to the amount the city had been paying for the lights per year. This donation will give the organization the responsibility to pay for the lights at the cemetery located on North Russell Street.

Other contributions are as follows: Portland CARES/$7,000; Sumner County Vietnam Veterans Chapter 240/$925; Senior Citizens/$6,000; Mid-Cumberland Human Agency/$6,000;

Chamber of Commerce/$20,000; Library/$27,500; Habilitation & Training Services (HATS)/$1,500; HomeSafe in Sumner County/$3,000; Sumner County CASA/$1,000; Highland Rim Historical Society/$500; Salvus Center Inc. /$1,500; Sumner Spray Neuter Alliance/$1,000; and Portland Little League Baseball/$1,000.

Tennessee Code Annotated allows the city to provide financial aid for non-profit charitable organizations whose services benefit the general welfare of the residents of the city.

The organizations will receive the amounts indicated for the fiscal year ending on June 30. 2020.

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