Business concierge services have sprung up in recent years to meet a need in today’s fast-paced workforce. One such company opened last month in Sumner County.  Business concierges perform tasks that overworked and overwhelmed personnel struggle to accomplish. Such time saving tasks include: courier/errand runs, business event assistance, and proofreading/writing services.  A firm’s “to do” list can feel extra-long when lacking workplace manpower available to complete it.

Clients First Concierge is owned by Martin and Connie Bass of Gallatin.  Having worked in the public sector for decades, the Basses understand the stresses and strains of local business people. CFC empowers area companies to succeed by providing professional support throughout the Sumner County business community.  The couple is a member of the local Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Basses, “Our services save valuable time and resources for busy business people.  Why hire a temporary employee and wade through the paperwork when on-call staff are available to complete the tasks?  Since our company is insured, licensed, and bonded, our clients may be assured of the company’s safe and reliable services.”

For more information visit their website at or call (615) 351-5278.

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