Portland Pastor Ricky Morris led a group of 15 members of Living Free Fellowship to Yurimaguas, Peru to do a two-fold mission while there.

The group of 13 adults and two youth divided into teams. Four of the Portland group worked on construction and the other 11 did the ministry portion.

Assisting the group was missionary Rick Hendon. He is known as the jungle missionary because he goes into the jungle to reach the unreached. He has six family units working with him. He and his team build church buildings in the jungle when there are enough believers in an area.

Hendon has been successful in the area working with the Assemblies of God. Ninety acres of land has been purchased and named Camp Yuri. The Portland construction team worked on the first building on the camp grounds. Other groups will come over to finish projects other teams start. In the future the teams will build dorms and a mess hall.

According to Morris, his congregation wanted to help construct the first building at Camp Yuri because that would be the place where the materials would be constructed to build all the other churches. The steel will be fabricated there and stored until it can be taken by boat up the river to where the churches will be built.

The ministry group conducted night services on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at a different location each night. During the daytime, the group spoke at school assemblies. On Thursday they went to orphanages where they shared the gospel to the children there. The group reached about 2,000 youth and children from June 28 through July 6.

Each member of the Portland team raised their own support for the mission. They each had to raise $1,700 to cover their plane fares, hotel rooms, food, and transportation.

The church has done several other missions in Peru. In 2017 and 2018, they did jungle ministries taking 20 hours to float up a river to their jungle sites. While building a church building both years, they stayed in the jungle during the entire mission where they lived and slept.

Morris said, “Jesus told us in Mark 16:15 to go into all the world and share the gospel with all people. We, Living Free Fellowship, are grateful to have had an opportunity to send and to go. To God be the glory for what has been accomplished.”

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