Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Steve Hall has been named minister of Corinth Church of Christ. He comes from Cleveland, Tenn. where he served the Union Grove Church of Christ from January 2010 until December 2018.

Hall grew up in Roanoke, Va. where he lived the first 35 years of his life. James Parker recently retired after serving 20 years as minister of the Corinth congregation.

While working at a Saturn dealership in Salem, Va. and attending West Side Church of Christ where he served as a deacon, Hall decided to change the direction of his life and go into the ministry. He and his family moved to the Memphis area where he attended the Memphis School of Preaching.

While there, he began working with the South Middleton Church of Christ and continued after he graduated. His first fulltime appointment was with the Piedmont, Ala. Highway 9 Church of Christ, where he served from June 2007 until January 2010. 

Hall feels strongly that providence led him to Corinth. He described it very much like moving from one house to another.

He said, “It’s like when you pick something out of a moving box and hold it in your hand and look for a place to put it and you think, ‘Oh, it looks good here.’ Everything has fallen into place beautifully.”

While he is working hard to know his congregation, he is also looking forward to getting to know the community. Hall is interested in photography and history and is fascinated by all he history in this area. 

His goal is to see the church grow numerically and spiritually. He feels those two go hand-in-hand. He wants to attract young adults with families by using the technology platforms they are used to.

Hall said he feels that social evangelism is important because if people don’t see you are interested in them, it is hard to serve them.

Hall and his wife Cindy have three children; Hunter, 22, who is serving in the U. S. Air Force as a Command Post Specialist in Spangdahlem, Germany, McKenzie,  17 and Carly, 11.

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