Quilt 2

Barbara and Jack Hunter along with their great- grandson Jaxon display the memory quilt created by Marie Adamson. BONNIE FUSSELL

Marie Adamson continues to connect to her hometown roots through her quilting skills even though she now lives in Tullahoma. She recently placed first in the general category at the May Strawberry Quilt Show. Her entry was a personalized Baltimore Album quilt, which took two years to complete.

Because of that quilt show, Adamson’s name began circulating in Portland as a gifted quilter. When Barbara Hunter began looking for someone to make a memory quilt to honor her son and granddaughter who both died at an early age, Adamson’s name kept coming up.

Hunter had a collection of tee-shirts that belonged to Scott and Kristen Hunter and many pictures that brought a smile to her face. She wanted to incorporate those memories into a memory quilt. She knew she had to contact Adamson to see if she would make the quilt.

On Oct. 20, Adamson brought the finished quilt to Hunter and her husband Jack. It had taken over five months to complete. The only request Hunter had made was that there be a cross on the quilt.

According to Adamson, when she began working on the quilt there were really two quilts that needed to be made. She said she made an executive decision and created a cross which incorporated the pictures and made a reversible quilt on the back with the tee-shirts.

Kristen Hunter loved the Panthers and Scott Hunter loved the New York Yankees. Adamson was able to include many of the Panther tees and used a material that featured the New York Yankees for a border. The top with the cross is very eloquent and the reverse has a cheerful look.

“It is a treasure of a life time,” Hunter said. “A legacy to pass down to a family member. Every time we look at a picture it brings back a memory.”

The quilt dimensions are 78” x 140” and Hunter plans to display it on an antique quilt rack.

Adamson said, "It was an honor to get to do something for Jack and Barbara. That’s why I did it. It was going to be beautiful and more than they wanted.”

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