Last Wednesday was a special day at Clyde Riggs Elementary School when the PTO held a celebration for the school being named a Rewards School by the Tennessee Department of Education.

PTO Vice-President Darrell Rogers told the student body assembled in the gym that the teachers around them had invested in the students’ education and because the students had done their part by listening to them and doing their work, they were being rewarded.

School Principal Melissa Robbins was emotional as she told the teachers and students that they were amazing. She was presented a bouquet of flowers by the PTO. School Board member Glen Gregory helped celebrate the school’s achievement.

Rogers told the students that because their grades were so high that the only way to get the school’s report card was by helicopter. The excited children went outside to enjoy ice cream from Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream Truck and to play on the playground, as they waited for the Air Evac Helicopter. Excitement rose as the helicopter came into view and loud cheers were heard as it circled in the sky and slowly landed on the school campus.         

Robbins and Rogers went down to the landing area to receive the Rewards School Banner from the Air Evac Life Team members. They quickly unrolled the banner and displayed it for the cheering teachers and students to view.

Clyde Riggs Elementary is one of 14 Sumner County Schools designated a Reward Schools by the TDOE. The award is based on testing in math, social studies, and English/language. Schools that show improvement in achievement and growth for all students including designated groups are eligible for the award.

Clyde Riggs Elementary is also one of the 17 Sumner County Schools that achieved Level 5 status which is the highest possible under the Tennessee Value-added measurement of student growth.

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